You live in a Toxic Relationship

We mark our environment. For some they say that we are the sum of the 5 people you spend more time ….

So when was the last time you started to think about your environment? Do people around you support you, motivates you? Or the opposite?

Now .. What we call “toxic relationships”?

All have in some area of our life, what we call a “toxic relationship”. They come in many forms …
From a boss who is very good at times but extremely cruel in others, from friends or family that we continually demanding things from your partner or inadvertently, every day we “discouraged” or criticism.

A “toxic” relationship is a relationship in which you feel because unless, that hurts, it affects self – esteem and you can sometimes become addictive. Does any of this sound familiar?

Many of us have experienced this at some point in our lives.

But … Why worry about the “toxic relationships”?

As its name implies, they are toxic to our lives. Not make us feel good, make us lower our energy level, we pollute the humor and, many times, we end up depressed or generating anxiety.

It is very important that you become aware and do something and to be surrounded by so much “toxin” not only affects you psychologically but may even harm your health.

But before you start to “clean up our environment”, I invite you to do this little survey to see how “contaminated” are your relationships, are you game?

Answer these questions YES or NO, as you honestly you can …

  1. Do you have someone in your life that interact with it, most of the time you feel “humiliated” in front of others?
  2. Do you work / Vives / convives with someone that your words can be very sweet but their actions are the opposite?
  3. When you’re with this person you feel your thoughts, opinions, achievements or words have no value?
  4. Do you work / Vives / convives with someone whenever you interact makes you feel less?
  5. Every time you are with this “toxic person” feel your energy level, optimism and good humor decrease?

If you answered yes to 3 or more questions, you may well find yourself living in a toxic relationship.

They can be family, partner, friends or coworkers, these relationships affect us constantly, and perhaps do not notice it but whenever you’re with them your level of negative stress UP!

And that is very bad …

Negative stress affects your ability in many ways, including your job, your level of concentration, the way you communicate and can even affect you sleep, your digestive system and your immune system.

Amazing, right?

So … now you’ve discovered that you live in a toxic relationship … What to do?

My first advice is that … we can not change others, is useless and frustrating (and all you earn is up more your stress level!).

So the first step is always to accept that people are the way they are.

This is crucial because it will help:

  • Stop arguing against the wall (which is not only painful but there is no way to change it!)
  • Take care of the things that if you can change (and yes .. you can change many things …)
  • Feel better because you know that your hands are the tools to feel better.

And the good news is that the steps are very simple to change, also here have a special report we prepared for you learn in 4 steps to “clean up your room” …
Read it and tell us what you think!

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