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Silva Method: Learn how to make your passion a profession (includes graphic)


Silva Method: make your passion a profession


If you had the opportunity to choose which dedicate yourself for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

Think of something that adores do, that makes you feel you accomplished and welfare contribution, something that gives you satisfaction and you never get tired of doing if you dedicate yourself all day to it … what would it be?

When you have the answer to this question, you’ll have your true passion: the engine by which we all move and that drives us to get up every morning.

If you do not know your passion we recommend you read the article you shared last week, in which we show the 10 questions you should ask yourself to discover your passion (click here to read it if you have not already, you’ll need for what follows now).

You should know that we all have a passion. Everybody. But unfortunately many times we ignore the parked and even got to never detect it. And that’s a big mistake!

You know why? Because your passion is directly related to your level of happiness with your level of peace and harmony and your quality of life.

So today from Silva Method we want to help you make your passion a lifestyle and find how to professionally devote to it.

Basically, for two reasons: 1) everyone is entitled to dedicate ourselves to something that makes us feel fulfilled and 2) when you’re closer to your passion will be happier and better will everything else.

Want to know how to find ways to turn your passion into a way of life and dedicate yourself to what you love being rewarded for it?

In this article we show you how you can do it.

Silva Method and meditation: Meditation helps you find answers

Look at the chart below carefully: as you can see if you join what you love, what you do well, what the world needs and what you will pay give your purpose and how to stay focused on what you love the rest of your life while you are doing good for others. Four circles, all the answers.

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Silva Method: make your passion a profession

We would like to take a few minutes to complete the four large circles on the graph. Take the time you need and do not worry if it takes some time.

When you have all the answers, each of them will take you to a place in common: your purpose , what unites passion remuneration but also bring something useful to others doing what you are good.

If you have questions about how to find the answers you seek, we want to give you some advice: practice meditation .

Off the noise of everyday life and the entire volume of constant thoughts, as they often are preventing you find the answers you need.

Set aside a few minutes a day to dedicártelos you, to reflect, to think about what you need and to find the answers you seek.
Set aside a few minutes but also to ward off thoughts and realize the potential that hides your mind.

Did you know that scientific studies show that meditation has more than 100 physical benefits for your health ?

By mention to only a few, you should know that meditation helps solve problems, disconnected thoughts, to relax body and mind, away stress, it brings vitality, clear ideas and awakens the potential in you.

If you want to learn to meditate on Alfa, take advantage of all its benefits and besides that discover your purpose in life and use techniques and tools to develop your intuition and creativity, awaken your potential and even make you wake up when you want without clock then we recommend you visit the page of the Silva Method.

And if you want to start smooth and your first step is to learn to meditate successfully and know the keys of meditation, you can achieve with the famous audio centralization Alfa Silva Method, which is included in our free mini-course “You Sin Fronteras” , composed of 8 lessons that will help to awaken everything in you.

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Wellness: 4 Keys to unite passion, mission, occupation and vocation

If you dedicate a few minutes to figure above, have a slight idea of the question you did at the beginning: if you had the opportunity to choose which dedicate yourself for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

If you still have doubts (it is normal!), Here we explain one to one 4 points from the previous chart that will help you unite your passion with your mission, profession and vocation. Prepared?

# 1) What you love. Chinese philosopher Confucius said: Choose a job you like and not have to work a day in your life .

That is precisely what one loves to do, and that is to find your passion.

When you do what you love you will be carrying out your passion, and when you turn your passion into a way of life then you will feel truly fulfilled and happy.

Of course that does not mean you should leave your job today, far from it! … Take some time to find your passion, to see how to make it a way of life and mature the idea that you extracted the 4 circles.

# 2) What you do well. Your passion often is linked to what you are good at doing … But it’s not always the case.

So we want to remind you of something: you must be good at what you do. If your passion is cooking but cooking is not just giving you good … be very difficult to make money selling you achieve what you cook unless you publish a book or look for other ways.

You must have a passion and you must be good at it … and getting better.

# 3) What the world needs. Think about what others may need and how you could help them. Ask yourself: What need of having people could cover?

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Now it comes to thinking about your profession, of course, should be related to your passion. When you know what your passion and what you’re good, you have to find what people need and you can give them.

You know that every passion has its professional output, and if it is the case that you like the professions are running outdated … Reinvent yourself! Almost all dirty professions are reinventing themselves online. Take advantage of that!

# 4) what you will pay. You should try to find ways to do what you love a way to work on it while getting benefits for something you love.

You think about how you could turn that passion into a way to make money … If you think the chart above, you probably already have many ideas they occurred. In fact this graph is used to find the mission of each.

And thinking about it, Is not it amazing to stay focused on what you are passionate about?

You see thinking how you can turn your passion into a profession, it’s never late!

In addition, in the coming days we’ll be sharing some practical examples of how to turn what you love, what you are good at doing and what the world needs something you report benefits.

There is a saying that goes like this : Do not give up a dream that will take time. Time will equal . Keep this always present!

And before the end we would like to ask you something: Leave us a comment with your passion and what you think you are good to do. It will be refreshing to read the passions of the whole community!

And pay attention the next day, because we’ll be giving ideas of how to turn your passion into profession.


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