Mind Control: Speak to heal

Mental Control: Speak to heal 3

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Article written by Julio Rico Writers Program Member Silva Method

The language of disease

A very powerful thing you can do to improve your health, it is as simple as: Pay attention to what you say.

That’s right, what you say and how you say it can be a very important for our health or disease factor, we must learn to use a language of success in all our areas, and that of course includes health, which surely will be of agree with me, is most important that you have not?

Well, we have an automated process within our body that is responsible for keeping us healthy, hundreds or thousands of things you might not even know, and does so with astonishing ease, naturally, exactly, perfectly.

Natural it is to be healthy

Not only is a state that is “being healthy” I think it’s more important to a state of being, meaning “be healthy” and “be healthy” must believe us healthy, think ourselves healthy, visualize healthy.

“Healthy” people usually do not have to think too much about health, just know that if we will eventually get sick will heal, ie we assume that we will bounce back and not spend too much time thinking about the disease.

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Mental Control: Words and attitudes that carry diseases

Everything we have in mind long enough will eventually emerge in our lives, since biblical times we talk about this, Job said that you feared came to me,   when we focus our minds on the disease and begin to speak in terms disease, sooner or later we will be exposing our health declines, is no longer an unknown fact the powerful  role of thinking in health, therefore we speak of psycho-neuro- -inmunologĂ­a, ie the influence of mind, thoughts on the immune system, no current studies that speak of the influence of thought not only in the immune system but also in the endocrine, nervous, etc.

This time we want to share with you and all these tips complemeto healing through words one of the most simple and effective to learn meditation techniques. Discovers that it is by clicking on the image

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