Meditation Techniques: Learn to meditate With precious stones

Meditation techniques: Learn to meditate with precious stones 3

Meditation Techniques: Learn to meditate with stones

Its beauty is undeniable, they have hundreds of peculiar forms and comprise a range of colors ranging from the calmest to the most striking.

We’re talking about gemstones and actually with them as it is with people: although its appearance call our attention, what really matters is inside .

And inside gemstones it seems endless in terms of features and benefits.

Did you know that balance the body and mind, nullify bad energies and help in meditation?

They have an amazing amount of benefits for your body, mind and health!

From the Silva Method we approach all these benefits, why we propose a different plan: meditate with stones . Do you dare to try?

Meditation Why meditate with precious stones?

Surely you’ve seen more than one occasion in the craft markets, even likely you near to look at them or you bought one that got your attention.

Anyway, as you could see there are hundreds of them; all shapes, colors and different properties … And all with their particular charm.

But its beauty is on the outside: gemstones emit healing vibrations that can alleviate physical, emotional and mental disorders .

For example, they are used as an alternative technique to harmonize the chakras and make the energy flow freely, to achieve harmony or to attract good ideas and promote the development of projects. But there’s more.

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Stones and crystals are used to balance the mind and body, to cancel conflict and negative energies, to achieve harmony or to attract stability.

They are also used to clear the mind opening consciousness and perception, and increase concentration.

Besides that come to love, invite understanding and are an ideal complement to meditate.

Meditation techniques? What stones provide more benefits?

There are many varieties of stones and gems, all with different properties and purposes.

The blue agate , for example relieves neck and shoulder pain; the Botswana Agate enhances creativity and helps solve problems; and chalcantita promotes firmness to make decisions.

The sapphire quartz increases the lightness and tranquility; the hematite raises optimism; the tiger eye provides freedom and a great inner strength; and Unakite helps balance emotions and increase personality fostering feelings of love.

It’s not about them all. A variety of stones, crystals and gems with healing properties; just about choosing the one that best suits your needs (here you can see a list of all gemstones color-coded).

Silva Method meditation and exercise: Learn to meditate with precious stones

There are many techniques for meditation, just it is that you choose the one that best suits your needs.

For example, during the Silva Method we offer several different exercises that you may enter into a state of deep relaxation -level alpha-, and from there you can auto-program yourself to achieve significantly improve your life.

They are different exercises, techniques and tools that awaken the potential of your brain that help you improve your quality of life and lead you to achieve all your purposes.
We invite you to read more about the Silva Method and everything we can do for you. We are convinced that you will find many things that you were unaware.

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And to propose an alternative to your meditation, then we share an exercise for you to learn to meditate with precious stones taking advantage of the more than 100 benefits of meditation you.
We are convinced that you will like.

1) First, take enough time and sit in a quiet place. The chair or the floor is fine. What is important is to have a straight spine, since the bent back tires and prevents meditation.

2) Place the stone in front of you you have chosen according to your needs. If possible, Place it at eye level. You know it’s the right place and the right distance when you’re able to look totally relaxed for some time.

3) Take note of your breathing: make it increasingly slow as the stone in front of you.

4) avoids direct light as coming from the lamps, windows or even a candle. That will distract you , and you must be focused on the stone you have in front of you.

5) For a few minutes, trying to walk the positive energy of the stone all over your body. You should try to feel their vibrations without thinking of anything else.

6) While sitting, quietly, without moving and without distraction you can come to feel as relaxed as stone you have in front of you. So you can come to feel more than you think.

If the first attempt does not feel all that you like, do not get discouraged and exercise to achieve inner peace that allows us to achieve our goals.

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Put it into practice and let yourself be surprised! Yes, then leave us a comment below and tell us what you think????

How did you like our article about the properties of stones? Would you like to know more about alternative meditation techniques? Leave your comments!