Silva Method: Special Valentine’s Day Meditation

Silva Method: Special Valentine's Day Meditation 3

Valentine special meditation

How long have you not give a tribute?

That’s just what we propose from the Silva Method for Valentine ‘s Day: an audio guided meditation special for Valentine ‘s Day and love speaking in the first person .

Probably you think about how much you love your loved ones, you show them your love and seek the way that they all spend a happy day …

But, do you think of yourself?

It is very important that “you have in mind” that you love, that refuerces your self-esteem and trust you to convey that to others.

And to help you achieve one of our instructors Silva has prepared this audio guided meditation for you; for you this Valentine live more intensely than ever, and to start a new life: the life you want and deserve .

Silva Method meditation special Valentine

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NOTE : Below you share the audio transcript. If you prefer, you can read it before doing the exercise to see what it is.

Before starting the special Valentine meditation remember that it is important to use comfortable clothing that anywhere is good while you feel good and no one will stop, and you can change position or open your eyes whenever you need it.

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You can take the time you need, but 10 minutes is enough!

1) Make yourself comfortable and close your eyes.

2) Take three deep breaths : the first deep breath relax well when exhaling, the second breathing further relax the exhale, and third breathing feel completely relaxed.

Notice how your body and mind are entering gently in a very healthy and pleasant physical and mental condition that makes you good.

3) To increase the feeling of being mentally says : “I love you , and I unconditionally accept the way I am. This acceptance allows me to work on overcoming everything that does me no good and that with patience and discipline my mind helps me to educate “ .

4) When you’ve done that imagine and visualize your relationship with life : remember the good things that happened and notice how she always awaits you so that together we can create experiences of happiness and growth depend primarily on your thinking.

5) Understand that all of us always have something to overcome, feel that you are accompanied by a boundless inner strength .

6) Pull yourself together , and celebrate this re-discovery Wishing you a happy Valentine ‘s Day .

Declares for yourself how much you love, and states that are willing to overcome your patience and discipline approaches and behaviors you do not like and do not know they do well.

7) He feels that all the statements that you receive in your life what you tell yourself fairly and positively always be the most important and honest statement that you can receive.

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Interestingly, when discovering that you can love others justly and attract to your life human relationships of great significance and security .

8) When you have already congratulated the most important person in your life, yourself, then congratulates mentally all the people you love and who are part of your life .

And you wrap them in that magnificent energy of love .

9) Canaliza that love as you absorb bright light of the universe and projecting with your best feeling.

Embraces and envelops those people with that light .

Give them the security of your feeling beyond any behavior of the past that has not been the best : so much is on your side as you.

Clean all that past and join a present and future where you intend confirm that love them like you love yourself in righteousness and perfect harmony, a life of great harmony and fullness .

10) Give thanks to life and wish him a happy her Valentine , promising to always love her for re-discover daily life is beautiful.

11) Now now creates these images of the future that your thinking program. Think what you want to achieve, and understand how your behavior gradually is able to build all of that already in the physical world .

12) Relax and become aware of the power of your mind . Then program yourself to consistently repeat the essence of this exercise.

13) When you’re done, breathe deeply and slowly looks By joining unhurried . Gently move your hands, your feet, your arms … Desperézate.

After a few seconds you’ll open your eyes and be awake, very comfortable, rested and feeling in excellent health as when you’ve had enough sleep in a natural, invigorating and very healthy sleep. And feeling better than before.

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This year is special for Valentine’s taking advantage of all the energy there is concentrated on a day like this, but you can repeat as many times as you want: the steadier be more you’ll notice the changes!

What do you think of exercise? What sensations experienced while you were in meditation?

We hope your comments!

Ah! And do not forget to share this meditation with everyone you appreciate that they too can join????