Silva Method: Learn to Achieve your goals to concentrate

Silva Method: Learn to concentrate to achieve your goals 3

Learn to concentrate with the Silva Method

What difference would you say between a person who focuses on each task performed and a person who is easily distracted?

Probably the first will have better results in every area of ​​your life that the second, and thus achieve its objectives more quickly and effectively.

That’s because her concentration, is considered the source of success .

From playing sports to work for a large company; from making mathematical calculations to write a book … All of it: the concentration, and what we are able to stay focused on each task in which we embark.

The concentration can make you successful, clever and persistent; but it can also make your life a full list of compliments purposes .

But besides all that, did you know the concentration can give an incredible twist to your life, and learn to concentrate is simple if you know how to do it?

From the Silva Method we know that when a person learns to concentrate, there are no boundaries that separate from what he wants. So today we share the key to never again be a barrier between you and your desires.

Mind control: the benefits of being a person who concentrates easily

How many times do you wake up with thousands of pending and at the end of the day you notice that bitter feeling of leaving them all half?

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Actually all this has a name: distraction or, to be more precise, lack of concentration.

Said British historian Thomas Carlyle that “the weakest creature concentrating all his energy on a single object can do great things, while the strongest man and outmaneuvered disperse his forces on many things, not carry out any” .

The key to success in any endeavor you undertake is to concentrate on one thing at a time and put your 100% effort in that activity; and for that you must forget everything else.

But apart from all that, what can you do concentration for you?

It gives you full control over your thoughts, brings inner peace, self-confidence, inner strength, ability to focus and significantly increases memory and information retention capacity.

But not all. Saber focus on each task that you perform gives you a greater ability to focus on your tasks, it helps to study and understand more quickly, leaving the door open to useless and annoying thoughts so you do not have to live with them, and It gives you the freedom to choose when and what you want to think.

It also increases the ability to decide and implement decisions, provides better performance in daily life either at home or at work, and ensures internal happiness.

And, of course, it is a very effective remedy against stress and vice versa (read our article “How to ward off stress to live better” to learn how to do it).
Really, is there any area of your life that can not improve if you learn to really concentrate? The answer is NO: everything, absolutely everything, if your concentration improves so does.

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Silva method: the solution to stay focused

Would you like to know how to increase your concentration accomplish all that you propose and live better?

The answer to all that the meditation is , is that among its many benefits emphasizes greatly increase the concentration.

Of course requires practice, but … is there anything in life that does not require it?

The truth is that to start 15 minutes a day will be enough for you to notice the incredible benefits that will give you the knowledge focus
Hunger, fatigue, stress, telephone, computer, email, tic-tac continuous clock, relationship problems or money, the neighbor ‘s dog, music neighbor or your coworker , boredom or disinterest, worries … All that influences the time to concentrate, and unless you’re a complete genius of concentration you know what I’m talking about.

All this helps get distracted easily, and the result already know: you spend the day trying to do things that ultimately do not simply because your attention is scattered.

But imagine that you could concentrate anytime and anywhere, regardless of all the factors that you have mentioned a few lines above …
It’s more, imagine that you can even focus despite the most powerful distractions of all: those that appear daily in your mind as thoughts.

Of course, meditation can help it, and really is the key to doing.

But the point is that many times even have to concentrate to meditate!

And that’s one of the reasons why the Silva Method change your life.

Not only do you learn to live a more relaxed life through scientifically proven techniques, but also discover all the potential in your mind and learn to use it … and between that include increasing your ability to concentrate.

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If you do not have yet the course, you can read more here, or if you prefer you can start signing up for our free mini-course ” You borderless ” where you learn to meditate on Alpha (the key to relax and learn to concentrate) and many others aspects and techniques that will increase your comfort and make your life a much happier place.

Really, when you learn to focus your life takes a turn and productivity gains a place on the podium fixed success.

Be concentrated gives you the energy to achieve your goals, perform better and better, and improve your quality of life.

Do you have trouble concentrating? You know, meditation can do much for you; Do not miss more time to realize the full potential in you.

Why do you think you fail everything you propose? Why do you think you have trouble concentrating? Tell us your obstacles, we try to help as best as possible.

Ah! And do not forget to tell your progress and your results ????We really like to know how to advance and how you’re doing. May your life better and better!