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What are top Yoga brands for men?

What are top Yoga brands for men? 3

Reduce stress, improve posture and flexibility, develop strength … yoga is an activity with many benefits on the body. To make the most of your session, it is important to be well equipped. After all, there is nothing more frustrating than being embarrassed in one’s movements by clothes that are too stiff, bulky, or poorly supportive.

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What are top Yoga brands for men? 4


In yoga, everything is a question of comfort. When you are bent into a particularly complex position, the last thing you want is to be bothered by a misplaced fold. So, for a smooth session, try the clothes of the four brands that we present to you today. After that it will only be necessary to remind you to breathe between two postures of the warrior.

Lolë – for active women

The clothes offered by the Montreal brand Lolë are regularly part of our favorites when it comes to yoga. No wonder, when you see the colorful leggings or camisoles soft as a cloud that offers the mark. No matter what type of yoga you practice, you’ll love Lolë’s soft fabrics and thoughtful accessories.

The good news is that Montreal brand products are just as suitable for everyday use. It’s because for Lolë, “well-being is a way of life”. From the casual dress to the light down jacket for spring, you’ll find a host of quality products for active women who dress for both a Vinyasa session and for a coffee with friends.

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Under Armor – active and versatile

If the Under Armor brand began with a simple technical sweater design, developed in the basement of a Washington home, it is now recognized for the high quality of its workout clothes. Designed for performance, Under Armor products are practical, efficient and affordable. The brand also offers a variety of clothing adapted to different activities. You will be able to find exactly the piece that was missing from your yoga outfit. To go beyond your limits (and maybe finally achieve a Shirshasana), nothing better than one of the light and breathable clothes of Under Armor.


PrAna – listening to nature and self

Doing good for your body with yoga while consuming responsibly: it’s not bad a win-win solution .In founding the Californian brand PrAna, Beaver and Pam Theodosakis had two goals in mind: to provide active women with clothes that are as elegant as they are comfortable, and to do so in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Results? Yoga clothes with bold cuts and colorful patterns, carefully crafted with the most eco-responsible products possible. The brand uses organic cotton, recycled wool and polyester, as well as being certified among others bluesign® and fair trade. Add to that clothes that can be traced almost to the precise cotton plane from which the fiber was extracted.

Icebreaker – softness and comfort

Icebreaker is all about one thing: merino wool. Recognized for its softness and moisture-wicking capabilities, it’s the perfect fiber for yoga clothes that will comfortably fit the body. Camisoles, leggings and underwear, Icebreaker offers you a great variety of basic products that will follow your movements, allowing you to say goodbye to the areas of friction.

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