1. Avoid interruptions
Turn off your phone and mobile phones. Warn family and / or friends that we do not want to be interrupted. Choose a quiet place where you can be alone.

2. Meditate at the same time every day
The best heights to meditate are during sunrise and sunset. Our body tends to create habits according to our schedules, meditating always at the same time facilitates the process of concentration. Moreover, as soon as we are used to it is our own body that calls us to meditate.

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3. Meditate without fail twice a day
This is the key to success in meditation. Only constant practice will bring concrete and lasting results. In rare cases where you can not do much time, 5 or 10 minutes are enough to not lose the habit.

4. Meditate in the same place
Try to arrange a small place in the room or at home and always do the meditation in that place. Keep the room clean and airy. Over time, it is noted that the locals absorb the vibration, and gradually it becomes easier to meditate on them because of the energy that was previously created.

5. With the Light Stomach
When we eat, the body’s energies are directed towards digestion, to the detriment of mental energy. The ideal is to meditate on an empty stomach, but if we are very hungry is also not good because the mind will be distracted. In that case, we can eat only one piece of fruit juice.

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6. Maintaining a comfortable and right posture
When meditation develops properly, there is the activation of an energetic flow that runs in our spine. An incorrect posture will prevent this flow of energy and turns out to be an obstacle in meditation.
It is important to be comfortable for the mind not to be distracted by pain.

7. Company of Spiritual People
One of the greatest supports in the ups and downs of the spiritual life is to have company with spiritual people, who inspire and guide us along this path. Participating in group meditations and spiritual programs such as retreats is very beneficial to our growth and learning.

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8. Read inspirational books
Our intellect, which must be turned off during meditation, also needs room to grow and develop. It is advisable to set aside a bit of our day to read something inspiring and to cultivate our spiritual knowledge. The best time to do so is soon after meditation, for the mind is calm, concentrated, and expanded, and can easily absorb ideas.

9. Talking to a meditation
teacher A qualified meditation teacher (Acarya) is an essential aid in this practice. They can advise and answer all our questions regarding our individual meditation as well as giving new lessons.

10. Being Determined
Many people feel unmotivated and frustrated after a few attempts at meditation. Especially at an early stage, our mind is very uncontrolled. Only through training and insistence can we gradually feel differences. The important thing is not to make judgments, all meditations are doing, to some extent, some effect.