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Can meditation ever be bad for you?

Can meditation ever be bad for you? 5

The start was made and the week starts full of commitments: work, a routine of domestic tasks and some challenges to give that spice! Sometimes even stress (uninvited) also resolves “making faces” in the middle of the rush, does not it? But for those who have an urban life, this is already part of everyday life … The question is: is there any way to deal better with all this agitation and live in balance? Yes! And this is one of the benefits of meditation .

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Can meditation ever be bad for you? 6


What is meditation?

It is a set of techniques that aims to develop the regulation of attention, emotions and also personal growth. Much more than a simple reflection, meditation can be understood as a connection to the field of consciousness, intelligence and also energy. All the worries are put aside, the focus is the “here and now”.

The number of studies that scientifically prove the benefits of meditation is one of the reasons for the growing demand for practice. In addition, the benefits are related precisely to what society is seeking in terms of well-being.

Just five minutes of practice per day can already bring about major changes in your health, as well as changing your way of seeing the world. Without much experience and religious bonding, one of the great benefits of meditation is to help you cope better with many internal and external issues that well-worked can bring you more happiness, peace and harmony. And who does not want all this? See now each of them and start practicing now.

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Know the main benefits of meditation

Increases well-being – Meditation brings a unique peace of mind because it reduces the mental vibrations caused by everyday situations. Breath control is what regulates most of our nerve impulses and slows us down. The result is prolonged well-being. Even if at first you feel the exact opposite: the turbulent mind with thousands of thoughts. But with discipline and regularity, you will feel the benefits of meditation. The challenge is to maintain the frequency of practice.

Can meditation ever be bad for you? 7

Reduces Anxiety – One of the benefits of meditation is to provide moderation to the heavier ones, who do a thousand tasks at once. It teaches that we do not have to run all the time, focusing on our daily activities, taking away the anxiety of our daily thoughts and routine. You learn to prioritize things, which further develops your potential, doing everything with more quality, tranquility and concentration. This mindfulness and awareness promotes innumerable benefits, even for a healthy weight loss or a financial control.

Better deal with emotions – As you learn to prioritize what is really important with the practice of meditation, some life disorders (which were once taken very seriously) begin to weigh less. Feelings of anger, hurt or rancor become quicker emotions that come and go. You begin to live more in the present and abandon the past. And he also learns to withdraw thoughts that are not good for his development. One of the benefits of meditation is to change the way you look at life.

Develop Self – Awareness – One of the great benefits of meditation is to connect yourself. You can better understand what is going on inside you, what your wants and desires are. With practice, you begin to take more conscious actions, make more balanced decisions and life becomes simpler. Everything seems to be more connected and we can identify what our attitudes are giving good or bad results. And we even consider changing some behaviors to increase the balance of positive results. Bingo!

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Discover Your Purpose – In addition to connecting with yourself, meditation brings you something even greater. Gradually, you discover your life purpose, which you had never really thought of before. This awareness is one of the benefits of meditation. It shows you a path of peace with good energies flowing within you, which will therefore harmonize all sectors of your life. We learn to respect the ideas of others also, which pacifies our relationship with the people around us. This practice benefits not only you, but the world as well.

Improves sleep – A routine with lots of activities brings a lot of thoughts and there at the end of the day, you are exhausted and the body takes time to relax, right ?! The meditative practice, besides promoting a corporal relaxation, diminishes the excess of thoughts in the long term, which provides a better sleep. Thus, a good night’s sleep is another benefit of meditation.

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