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Tridosha in time space

Tridosha in time space 3

Time, like matter, can be measured. Substance time moves, and there is a system of measures to take account of this movement: seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years. During the day, as there is a time division: morning, noon, afternoon, evening, midnight and dawn. The year is divided into seasons. Properties of the body are constantly in motion, as well as time. There is a definite connection between the movement tridosha
and over time. Increase or decrease of these three properties in the body due to the cycle of time.

Morning, from sunrise till ten o’clock – time
kapha . Since kapha at this time prevails, the person feels the energy and freshness in the morning and also a little heavy. In mid-morning Kapha gradually transforms into Pitta . Pitt is shown from ten o’clock in the morning until two in the afternoon. At this time, it increases the feeling of hunger. One feels the ease hunger and heat. At midday, from two o’clock in the afternoon before sunset (time wool ), the person feels active, light and flexible. In the early evening from six until ten in the evening again it is time to kapha – the period of the cold air, inertia, and low energy. Then, from ten o’clock to two o’clock in the morning – peak hours Pitta when food is digested. Early in the morning, before sunrise, again it is time to wool . Since vata produces movement, people wake up at the time and excrete waste.

Breakfast need early in the morning, between seven and eight hours – it refers to the people
of pitta and vata constitution. However, people of kapha constitution should not eat breakfast at this time, since the food at the time of kapha creates an increase kapha in the body. The best time for lunch – the beginning of time pitta – between ten and eleven in the morning. Eat better during daylight hours, when the sun sky for the sun – a close friend of the man. Eating late at night can completely change the chemical composition of the body, sleep is broken, people will be uneasy slumber and waking up, does not feel rested. If you dine at six o’clock to nine o’clock in the stomach is empty, and sleep will be deep.

If you change the time of delivery so that the meal coincided with the rhythm in
tridosha , can radically change the life habits. With the move tridosha due not only to the time of day, but also the seasons of the year. In autumn, in September, October and November, the leaves fall, the winds blow and the temperature goes down. At this time of the year dominated by vata . Winter lasts from December to February. This is a time of clouds, snow and cold temperatures. This weather increases Kapha and at this time dominated: obstruction, colds, coughs, bronchitis and pharyngitis. Spring, from March to May – is the transition from winter to summer. Kapha is deteriorating in the early spring, and pitta – in late spring. In early spring, accumulated over the winter kapha thins and dries slowly. Heat in late spring increases heat Pitta , contributing Pitta disorders such as summer diarrhea, burning eyes, sunburn, urticaria, dermatitis, burning sensation in the feet.

Therefore, it is possible to prove that the time change of the day and the seasons create change properties of the body –
Vata, Pitta, Kapha . Awareness of these changes will help a person to keep in touch with the flow of energy in the external and internal environments.


Source: Vasant Lad “Ayurveda for beginners”

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