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Spices and condiments: the benefits and diversity of flavors

Spices and condiments: the benefits and diversity of flavors 3

What do you know about spices and condiments? Sure, they give the dish a special flavor and taste. In addition, the same dish, seasoned with various spices and seasonings, gives variety to your kitchen. However, did you know that some of the known spices have strong antibacterial properties, while others contribute to a more long-term storage of food, others relieve your body of toxins. Thus, spices and seasonings have been applied not only “in the kitchen”, but in “medicine”. No wonder the Indian kitchen, however, as any Asian, about a quarter consists of condiments.

Indian cooking is unthinkable without the use of spices, spices, herbs and seasonings.
What is the difference between spices, spices and seasonings? Between spices and herbs there is no difference in principle is the same. Spices (spices) are the roots, bark and seeds of some plants, which are used either alone or in powdered form or in the form of powder. Herbs – a fresh leaves or flowers. A use as seasonings such flavorings as salt, citrus juice, nuts and rosewater.

The benefits of spices and seasonings

  • Can have a positive impact on health, help to cope with various ailments, including chronic.
    However, in this regard we need to consult an Ayurvedic physician. should not self-medicate.

  • Given the diversity of taste and aromatic qualities of your dishes.

  • Harmonize the doshas balance in the body (with the correct consumption in accordance with the constitution of the body).

A little bit about the specific properties of spices (spices)


Varieties of spices are many, for instance, black pepper, red pepper, white and fragrant.
Black pepper is an excellent antiseptic, in India – is a tool used to “stimulate” the memory of the process. The red pepper contains a group of vitamins, such as vitamin C and E, B vitamins It is believed that the red “pepper” good effect on the potency of men. Allspice has a terrific flavor and is widely used in cooking, including baking.

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Carnation razogrevayusche affects the body, helps with headaches, nausea.
It has antiseptic properties.


Cinnamon – This inner bark “cinnamon” tree, which is cultivated in China and India.
For therapeutic purposes, it is used as a fortifying agent for diseases of the heart, as well as anti-inflammatory for diseases of the urinary tract.


This light brown gnarled root.
In medicine, ginger is used for colic and indigestion. It also helps with abdominal pain (for this purpose it is necessary to eat in small amounts), and ginger tea – a wonderful remedy for colds.


It represents a root of a plant from the family of ginger.
Turmeric cleanses the blood, improves digestion, heals ulcers, helps with diabetes, is used as a diuretic. When applied topically Turmeric cures many diseases of the skin and cleans it.

Mint leaves

Mint has tonic effect, improves digestion, stimulates the activity of the liver and intestine.


Coriander reduces appetite, helps with bloating, allergies, has a cooling effect.


Nutmeg helps with insomnia, appetite, improve palatability of food, facilitates digestion of food.

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