Mindfulness in everyday life

Mindfulness in everyday life

When I speak of Mindfulness or Mindfulness, always have in mind the need for those who read me or listen to me, know and understand their application in daily life is the main goal, and that application of Mindfulness in everyday life, will through a simple and transversal way, all our actions, we are offering the real possibility that Mindfulness transform our lives.

When I talk about mindfulness or mindfulness, I do not think only in spaces of formal practice, ie, in those minutes that take certain positions quietly and meet our breath, but rather to meet you in the spaces you inhabit and the actions you take.

Mindfulness is iron, lead, toileting, eating, love, play, study, even angry. It is attention to everything you do. Turn the flashlight is your consciousness to move freely in the present moment where relocating and focus to build that with what you dream, what you want to realize, that illusion you want to build.

Bring mindfulness into daily life is the goal that must be clear who want to start their practice. It is impossible to escape from oneself. Wherever you are, always walk with your head on your shoulders and this in turn attached to a body that you can not separate.

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Until you accept this, your mind will always be accelerated moving too fast between the past and the future and your body will walk awkwardly moving forgotten for not paying enough attention.

Apply mindfulness in everyday life, is living space you inhabit with more freedom and wisdom, learning that in each of your actions, is the seed of life; that you usually look away from yourself but, however, it is right within you.

As I try to always explain in courses, workshops and seminars; with mindfulness you are not going to fly, you will not “freak out” you will not see more than what you see, but you’re going to see what previously did not see, which is nothing but the serenity of what you live.

Mindfulness in everyday life is to be aware that you put as you put your life is here and now.

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