Breathe well practicing mindfulness in everyday life

Breathe practicing mindfulness in everyday life

It is simply breathing breathing. It seems silly what I just said, but through reading “Three Steps to wake up”, you’ll realize that once we consider the simple act of breathing, breathe becomes normal through the practice of mindfulness in your daily life.

Breathe through three forms of meditative practice.


“Three Steps to wake up.” The practice of mindfulness in everyday life Larry Rosenberg Editorial Kairos

We can stop eating time, even several months. We can stop drinking a while … but do we prove to stop breathing a minute ?. Breathing is the anchor of life, it is the primal and food, however, is an act that we do not usually give great importance not practice mindfulness.

Try breathing by standing and clenching his fists and toes and tensing the chest … .difícil right ?. Try to see how you breathe a baby or toddler, or even yourself when you feel good, full or full, and full of serenity. Things change right ?.

Our serenity, happiness and peace is closely linked to the concept of breathe and practice of mindfulness or mindfulness makes us discover a new “art” in the breath that fills us with serenity, self – control and peace.

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It is, among other things, which shows Larry Rosenmberg (founder and teacher of meditation Cambridge Insight Meditation Center in Massachusetts) in this book that I present and, obviously, as its subtitle suggests, has to do with the practice of mindfulness in daily life.

In the book, Rosenmberg hand leads us to discover three forms of different but complementary meditative practice.

These forms are consciousness of breathing, breathing as an anchor and realize.

Even based on the Buddhist tradition, you know you always say that Plenacción is not a “religious center” but, convinced of the usefulness of the “secular spirituality” for our personal and professional development, I like to show you good books that can help you in the here and now, to be happier, to live with consciousness and enjoy life.

That’s why the teachings that the author pinpoints in this book are very useful when working with our emotions, stress, our relationship with time and need to be anchored in the present moment as a model and way of life for the benefit of our emotional stability and happiness.

Awareness is to breathe in our breath to anchor ourselves in the here and now.

Breathe, is “realize” how if you’re upset or upset, your breathing changes as you change your breathing, you tend to alteration.

Sitting in meditation breathing should become a simple act and we must practice daily even if they are only 10 minutes. As I explain here it is not difficult, but you need proof. MEDITATION AT HOME

But also, as social beings we are, our life is on the street, in contact with people in our relationships and our work and that is where breathe becomes important not to succumb to poor time management and our emotions that lead us to suffering.

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As Rosenmberg points when talking about the practice of breathing well, “Gradually, as it develops consciousness of breath, the body relaxes. Calm is a consequence of becoming aware of breathing “.

“Three Steps to wake up” takes us to the work of practicing mindfulness in everyday life to work from there on your projects, goals, utopias and illusions.

For me, as I usually always have to have opportunity to practice mindfulness or mindfulness it is not from the world, but it be and be another more in line with our normal need to feel good in life form.

Breathe must be, from now on , one of the goals you should you propose. By reading this book you will realize that it is not impossible. It just takes practice.

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