How to meditate without Knowing how to meditate

how to meditate

how to meditate

how to meditate

Is it funny this title? But if now someone who can not meditate just want to learn some indications, believe me not waste time talking about the history of meditation, or the countless meditation techniques or its benefits. If a friend, acquaintance or just someone who happened I know ask me, How to meditate if I do not? How to meditate if you never did? How to meditate if not even to sit in meditation?

My answer would be:
You must learn to meditate with these 3 steps:



How to Meditate:

1- Close your eyes – you must feel comfortable and relaxed.

2- Focus on your breathing – Do not think about anything more than that.

3- Account 100 to 1 slowly 2 seconds by number.

YES. It is done. Of course, probably the person may not feel anything, you just feel relaxed, and even probably fall asleep.

These three steps are only a base of something very big, may seem simple or very complex at the same time. But what if we meditation to another level?

If we bring meditation to another level, there would begin to talk about something else, speak of meditation not only to feel stress relaxation or out. We speak of meditation to meet the 100 benefits of meditation. So if you ask me without knowing meditate How to meditate? The first thing I do is start with the base, the first 3 steps. That is what you must learn to hold the key to meditation. Now we just open the door and find a world to know. A wonderful world to know.

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