Learning to Meditate on Vacation

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What is special about learning to meditate on holiday? It’s actually a great time to start …

When we are on holiday we have more free time, anybody have a few minutes to learn about meditation and also to meditate if you already know how.

In this sense the holidays are a great time to bring this practice to another level. I’m talking about meditation lead to a “habit”. I think it’s a wonderful proposal the fact of trying every day of our vacation take a few minutes to meditate.

When we started with meditation, and begin to live all the benefits this has for our lives, we also began to appreciate those moments we broke for, breathe, think and relax our mind.


They say that creating a habit, (both good and bad) can take about 21 days, then why not start creating the habit of meditation the first day of our holiday, while on vacation will be, not only longer, but also more relaxed, it is easier to put our mind blank and avoid troublesome thoughts that one day our daily life (work fraught with problems with the kids, housework) constantly beset us.

If you learn to meditate on vacation, and you manage to make a habit I assure you will achieve 2 things , first enter one of the healthiest practices known to man and secondly, managed to give effect to the main objective of the holidays: relax your mind.

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It is common return from vacation more tired when we left Yes it is! And that’s not bad, holidays also mean enjoyment, entertainment, fun, activities at all times, stay up late and wake up early to enjoy the day. But what if we add learn to meditate, or create us a habit of meditation?

So if you’re about to start your holiday, depending on where you live, winter or summer, this is the challenge I have for you.

I share here 5 benefits of meditation you will interest because they are not the most common.