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Open the window, I’m stifling!

In the summer, when the outside temperature rises to 25 degrees and above, in the halls of yoga becomes hot.
Many open windows wide open, trying to make the practice more comfortable. But experts say that the practice of yoga in the rooms with the windows closed is much better and more efficiently.

Carefully draft!

With the active practice of yoga muscles produce a lot of heat, and the body naturally adjusts thermobalance, allocating sweat.
Deep and intense heating of muscles extremely useful for effective practice, as it helps to increase the elasticity of muscle fibers, relieve spasms. Any draft, even if it’s a warm summer air flows from the street (and the more there is air conditioning) instantly blow away moisture from the skin, rapidly cooling the muscle. This often leads to inflammation of the muscle areas and spasm that accompanies cooling of the muscles, makes it difficult to practice, increasing the risk of injury.

Often people complain that colds neck or lower back under the air conditioning during the day, despite the fact that the room was warm.
And the active practice warm up your muscles are much more vulnerable. Therefore, in no case do not need to engage in air-conditioned, and it is not recommended to ventilate the room during training.

The use of CO2

The practice of yoga, more than other types of physical activity contributes to the accumulation of carbon dioxide in the muscles.
This is due to the static exercise regime, but even with a dynamic yoga asana flow continuously supports the muscles in the ON state, whereby CO2 is not displayed in full, and accumulates. This is very useful, because the carbon dioxide:

  • powerfully increases the peripheral circulation,

  • activates the metabolism, stimulates cell renewal,

  • restores the sensitivity of cells to insulin, improving their nutrition,

  • a beneficial effect on the hormonal system,

  • lowers blood pressure,

  • It calms the nervous system,

  • It eliminates the pain.
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The effect of carbon dioxide on the body, despite numerous studies, taken underestimated, mainly counting gas to health of the human organism oxygen.
Yoga is thousands of years ago knew about the use of CO2-aging and brain development opportunities and practice of Pranayama is based on the effect of hypercapnia (carbon dioxide accumulation).

But accumulate in the body, it excites the CO2 and the respiratory center of the brain, increasing the respiratory request.
In simple words, the untrained person to feel that he lacks the air and asks to open windows in the hall. Indoor air with enough and stuffiness effect arises due to the accumulation of carbon dioxide in the body, due to the intense work of muscles. It is enough to stop a bit to relax the muscles, and it turns out that the air in the room is sufficient.

The air temperature in the room, even in the hottest day will be below body temperature (36.6 C) and even with vigorous heating of muscles in the interaction with the external environment, the body has an opportunity to cool.

The traditional view

The fact that the preference should be given indoors, well protected from drafts and Krishnamacharya wrote in his work for a successful and safe yoga practice
Yoga Makaranda:

A place to practice yoga.

“The following places are excellent for this purpose: a place where there is plenty of water, fertile land, a place on the banks of the holy river, where there are no crowds, clean secluded place – these are the places for practice.

In such Explore area with a well, pond or lake. Construct a fence and on flat ground in the center build a beautiful ashram. Arrange things so that insects, such as ants, mosquitoes, bed bugs and other blood-sucking, could not get there. Furthermore, the area to be cleaned cow dung (dry used as an antiseptic) every day. Indoors, hang on the walls of 4 images that will develop vairagya (dispassion), Jitendra (sense control) and Yoga vidyaabhyasu (knowledge of the path of yoga). Sow the seeds in a chalet of green grass in a clean place which is not looking toward the front door.

After completion practices consisting of postures and pranayama yogi should relax for 15 minutes on the floor before going out. If you go out immediately after completion of yogabhyasy even small wind penetrate into the body through the tiny pores of the skin and cause many different diseases. Therefore, you need to stay indoors until the sweat does not disappear, wipe the body and well, sitting in a contented state of mind, a little rest. “

As is clear from this passage, the classic texts warn against drafts, recommending for practice tightly enclosed space.
In this case we are talking about the southern climate rather than on protection from the weather and the cold.

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A new look at practice

In spite of the comprehensive advantages of the practice of yoga with the windows closed, even in the hottest days, a man accustomed to engage in air-conditioned or active ventilation, used to practice indoors is not easy.

The following recommendations will help to gently accustom the body to a new method of practice:

  • If you feel a sense of closeness and lack of air, give yourself a few seconds of rest, relax your muscles. This will bring the excess carbon dioxide from the muscles and soothe the respiratory center.
  • Breathe ujjayi pranayama throughout the sessions, especially when exercise and dynamic power. Deep, slow breathing enables efficient gas exchange, and maintains a balance between tension and relaxation modes in the nervous system.
  • Bring a towel. Active sweating during intensive practice is inevitable.
  • Do not go out into the street immediately after the workout. It is advisable to give the body to cool for 10-15 minutes.  

Within 5-10 of intensive training, the body adapts to the new regime of training, and you’ll get real pleasure from them.
Training will effectively and safely, and the body stronger and healthier.


Success in practice!


On why better to leave the windows tightly closed Yogasecrets.ru told Valentina Malinovskaya

Valentina Malinovskaya:

  • Experience yoga practice of 25 years of teaching experience of 14 years.
  • He participated in seminars Kali Ray ( Tri Yoga ), Reinhard Gamenthallera (D.Brahmachari School), David Swenson (Ashtanga Vinyasa), Petri Raysyanena (Ashtanga Vinyasa), Sergei Agapkina ( Svastha Yoga ), R. Sharath Jois (Ashtanga Vinyasa). Trained and certified in the Moscow Ashtanga Yoga Center of International Yoga Federation standards (2008-2009).
  • Yoga instructor certificate of the Moscow Ashtanga Yoga Center, International Yoga Federation diploma, certificate teacher of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga (David Swenson).
  • Successfully trained and certified at the “Institute of traditional systems of healing” (Moscow, 2010-2011). “On yogaterapii Specialist” qualification.

Prepared Daria Rolin

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