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What are the signs of Kundalini awakening?

What are the signs of Kundalini awakening? 5


When the blockages of this life, or other lives began to loosen, the emotional body will react in this way. Trying to control or resist these desires increases repression and blocks energy, making things more difficult.

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What are the signs of Kundalini awakening? 6


Crying, moaning, sobbing (means standing with closed eyes, relaxing the jaws and expressing the feelings with vocal sounds) becomes a liberation of


This symptom is experienced when the heart chakra begins to open or when it enlarges to receive more energy. The sensations of pain in the heart and inability in breathing can cause fear, because you may think you have a heart attack. The symptoms described above are produced by the expansion of the energy that flows through your solar plexus and the heart chakra (area of ​​the heart and stomach). The best solution is to relax, which will adjust the flow of energy. Anxiety and fear only restrict the energy, producing a more severe reaction. This is a normal experience when one is contingent upon an increase in frequency. If it soothes your mind get controlled by your doctor.


These are commonly experienced by both men and women. This is because the energy flows too quickly through the body, of hormonal changes that men also have, and of the body that is learning to adjust to the higher vibrational frequency.

What are the signs of Kundalini awakening? 7


Waking up in the morning and struggling to get out of bed after a whole night of sleep, or falling asleep in the middle of the afternoon, is common. This occurs when the energy is changing throughout the entire spiritual body. This will happen over time, each person has a different time frame, for some it can be weeks, for other months and for other years. Take quantities of pure water to hydrate the cells, add crystals to energize the water. Eat light meals with salads and vegetables. Doing light physical exercise such as Pilates or Yoga will stimulate the flow of energy through the body.


You go to bed early, exhausted, but within a couple of hours you are fully awake. This occurs due to the inability of the body to store energy because it is blocked and congested. It is important not to get up and be active, because the energy is for the healing of all the subtle bodies, spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. The best way to assimilate energy is to sit quietly and read, watch TV, or listen to meditation recordings to help them return to sleep. This could happen for some time every night.


This is a very common complaint. The body feels like it is invaded so it adds a layer of protection. If you are a Lightworker then additional water is required to create energy. If you do not have enough water, the body will store the water, which eventually leads to stagnation.
Another major factor is that with the activation of the new DNA, fat is required to sustain the vibration. The body fat sustains a higher vibration that is necessary to generate healing and channel energy. Many of you have agreed to anchor light grids in the surrounding areas to the areas where they live. Anchoring these grids requires body fat to sustain energy. By becoming crystalline, body fat is distributed evenly around each cell. This allows the whole body to act like a tuning fork to sustain a new vibration

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This can be a scary experience because they can not remember what they had for dinner, and dinner was only an hour ago. YOU ARE NOT LOSING YOUR MEMORY. You are changing from the function of the left brain to a larger function of the right brain. Areas of the brain are being activated in order to deal with the higher energy that is penetrating. Sometimes it is difficult to speak, the words come out messy or confused, this situation will happen, there is no time limit for this.

As they open to the highest vibration, they will notice that they become extremely sensitive to people, to noises, lights, smells, tastes, all kinds of things. This can affect the central nervous system can be a very difficult thing to handle. You need to take B vitamins and a multi-vitamin if this is happening to you.


If this is happening to you, then you are really reaching a very high vibrational frequency and you will probably be a deep healer or channel to the spirit. It is because an extremely high energy is being introduced to the physical form. It could be described as if 50,000 volts of electricity penetrated suddenly, not only that the body can not handle it, but it goes through the body and comes out again and in doing so affects all the equipment.

And these are the twelve in a very orderly way the symptoms of our spiritual awakening

1.- Pains and discomforts in the body, especially in the neck, shoulders and back. This is the result of intense changes at the level of your DNA, since the “Christ Seed” is awakening within you. That will happen!

2.- Feelings of deep inner sadness for no apparent reason. You are liberating your past (from this life and from others) and this is what causes that feeling of sadness in you. It is similar to the experience of moving from a house where you have lived for so many years, to a new home. Even when you very much want to move to your new home, there is a sadness to leave behind the memories, energies and experiences that you have lived in your old house. That will also happen!

3.- Cry for no apparent reason. It is similar to point two above. It is good and healthy to let the tears flow. Help release the old energy within you .. That will also happen

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4.- Sudden change of work or career. It is a very common symptom. As you change, the things around you will also change. Do not worry about finding the “perfect” job or career now. This will happen too. In this in transition and you can make several changes of work before you settle in the one that makes you develop your passion.

5.- Withdrawal of family relationships. You are connected to your biological family through your old karmas. When you move away from your karmic cycle, the unions with the old relationships are released. It will seem like you are separating yourself from family and friends. That will also happen! After a period of time, you can develop a new relationship with them if this is appropriate. In this way, the relationship will be based on the new energy without the karmic bonds in between.

6.- Unusual sleep patterns. You probably wake up many nights between 2:00 and 4:00 in the morning. There is a lot of work that is taking place inside you and often causes you to wake up to take “air”. Do not worry. If you can not sleep, get up and do something better than stay in bed worrying about human things. This will happen too.

7.- Intense dreams. These can include dreams of wars and battles, as well as dreams of persecution or monsters. . Reality is releasing the old energies within you, and these energies of the past are often symbolized by wars and situations that seek an escape. This will happen too.

8.- Physical disorientation. Many times you will feel very out of the earth. You will be especially challenged with the feeling that you can not have both feet on the ground, or that you are walking between two worlds. Often your consciousness lives the transition to the new energy, your body can sometimes be left behind. Spend more time with nature so that the new energy is installed inside you. This will happen too.

9.- Increase in “talks with oneself”. You will find that you speak to yourself more often. You will suddenly realize that you have been talking to yourself for the past 30 minutes. There is a new level of communication that is taking place within your Self, and you are experiencing the tip of the iceberg with the talk you are having with you. Conversations will increase and be more fluid, more coherent and deeper. You are not going crazy, but you are a Shaumbra moving towards the new energy.

10. Feelings of loneliness, even in other companies. You may feel lonely and removed from others. You will feel the desire to get away from groups and crowds. As Shaumbra, you are walking a sacred and lonely path. As much as feelings of loneliness cause anxiety in you, it is difficult to relate to others at that time. The feeling of loneliness is also associated with the fact that your Guides have left. They have been with you in all your travels, in all your past lives. Now it’s time for them to return, so you can fill that space with your own divinity. This will happen too. The inner emptiness will be filled with the love and energy of your own Christ consciousness.

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11.- Lost of passion. You can feel totally dispassionate, with little or no desire to do something. That’s ok, and it’s just part of the process. Spend this time “doing nothing”. Do not fight against yourself, because this will also happen! It is similar to resetting a computer. You need to close for a short period of time to allow the new and sophisticated software to be installed, or in this case, the new seed of Christ energy.

12.- A deep nostalgia for returning to Home. This is perhaps the most difficult and challenging of all the points. You can experience a deep and overwhelming desire to leave the planet and return home. This is not a “suicidal” feeling. It is not based on anger or frustration. You do not want to make a great fact of This or cause dramas for yourself or for others. There is a part of you that just wants to go back to Home. The root that causes this is very simple: YOU have completed your karmic cycles.

You have completed your contracts for This life. You are ready to start a new life even in this body. During this transition process, you have an internal remembrance of what it is like to be on the other side. Are you ready to enlist in another responsibility you here on Earth? Are you ready to face the challenge of moving to the new energy? Yes, in fact, you can go home NOW. But you have come so far, after so many lives, that it will be a shame to leave before the film ends.

The spirit also needs you here to help others in the transition to the new energy. They will need a human guide, like you who have faced the journey of moving from the old to the new energy. The path that you are going through right now, gives you the necessary experiences to transform you into a Master of the New Human Divinity. Even when your trip can sometimes be solitary and dark, remember that you are NEVER alone. They will need a human guide, like you who have faced the journey of moving from the old to the new energy. The path that you are going through right now, gives you the necessary experiences to transform you into a Master of the New Human Divinity.

Even when your trip can sometimes be solitary and dark, remember that you are NEVER alone. They will need a human guide, like you who have faced the journey of moving from the old to the new energy. The path that you are going through right now, gives you the necessary experiences to transform you into a Master of the New Human Divinity. Even when your trip can sometimes be solitary and dark, remember that you are NEVER alone.

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