How to Diet With Mindfulness

How do diet Mindfulness

Have you considered doing Mindfulness diet ?. When we consider seriously carry out a diet, we face a period, most of the time, stressful, we set ourselves as a kind of ascent to Everest, a race against time, an adventure that often ends with an “ideal weight” which disappears soon victim of what commonly is called “The accordion effect.”

No, I do not want to lie. Mindfullness or Mindfulness is no diet but that the practice of mindfulness can help us focus, otherwise, the adventure of a diet for the sake of our health.

You have your sheet that you have to eat every day, you’re on the fridge door, the black emptiness inside of “objects of desire” list usual things forbidden and now plays sit at the food you have to drink.

Now, how do Mindfulness diet ?, Mindfulness what you can do for you ?. Quite simply, help you or herself, controls anxiety that makes you eat without paying attention to what you eat.

Try and keep in mind these ideas when you sit at the table:

1. Food has not appeared from nowhere. Have a moment of attention to see what’s on your plate. I am aware that there appears what has passed through the work and dedication of other human beings like you.

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2. Respect the food. I am aware that come from nature. That they are part of the world we inhabit. I am aware that give you life.

3. Thanks preparation. Date thank you prepared if you or thanked who have done that. You do not even have to use your voice. Just a simple gesture.

4. Breathe. Be aware of your breath before each bite.

5. Feel. Look at the colors that make up the dish, be aware of the smell, look at the forms of what is in it.

I think with these 5 simple ideas to face a period of diet, you can stay clear how to diet with Mindfulness. You’ll have the opportunity to learn to eat attentive or alert is a way to reawaken the pleasure to eat and drink simply.

Dieting does not have to be a drama, dieting is “realize” that we have a new relationship with food.

Mindfulness is not a diet, but an attitude, a position on what we eat. Assist breathing is part of our life, pay attention to what we eat is also part of the process to lead a healthy life.

Now that you know how to diet with Mindfulness, do not Plantées your adventure as a drama, but as the experience of returning to be aware that our body and mind need maximum attention when sitting down to eat and, thus they are reduced or disappear the dreaded “accordion effect”.

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