How to learn to relax practicing meditation in silence

Learn to relax practicing silent meditation

Are there techniques to learn to relax in the midst of this crazy world in which we live ?.


Learn to relax by practicing the noble art of silence, it is essential to your personal and professional development.

The resounding answer is yes, it is not only possible to achieve mental relaxation and learn to relax, but I would say it is mandatory to do it for your own benefit and that of those around you applying ténicas relaxation based practice silence.

Says Larry Rosenberg in his book “three steps for awakening” that “knowing yourself is the gateway to wisdom and freedom “.

Not only am I completely agree with him, but every day, I feel that mental relaxation through practicing relaxation techniques such as meditation in silence in order to learn to relax, tend to result in each of we, a profound change that leads to serenity and “let life be revealed when awake or awake and present in the midst of what happens” . As Rosenberg noted it “will not be disappointed.”

Because our attitude toward reality and our traditional way of life in “autopilot” , we spent the time running from one place to another, while our head, like a mad monkey it were, is jumping from branch to branch ; last branch to the branch of the future and our body, completely unattended, it is only served when he speaks. That is, when it hurts.

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This way of life I produce a continuous state of tension which results in a total absence of mental relaxation and constant boiling our mind that produces thoughts, judgments and assessments automatically without us, in principle, can do anything, given our common walk without “realizing ” the present moment.

Install in our everyday life relaxation techniques to learn to relax, let us join our inner silence natural, it is a way of serenity and very useful self-knowledge.

Stress, anxiety, nerves, chronic fatigue, poor sleep and little food problems with alcohol or with dorgas are partly due to the total absence of mental relaxation that usually have.

But you have to bear in mind, that this way of life is likely to change through the practice of silence as an infallible method to learn to relax.

Yes, simple as it seems.

Get mental relaxation through some simple relaxation techniques such as meditation practice, it is possible if done regularly.

To begin, here’s a little exercise you can perform anywhere, anytime:


The practice of mindfulness or mindfulness, is a good exercise for your way to the experience of living in the here and now. If you still have not, I encourage you to get you started in practice as soon as possible.


Says Larry Rosenberg in the book I was talking about: “Look after only the present moment. That is all. Observe the mind to see what is really happening in it, not for what you think should be happening. Experience life at the time, and maybe the day will come when you are silent. “

And, ultimately, when you need is mental relaxation you back to the life you lose in stress, anxiety and nerves and continued concerns, sit anywhere to stay silent for a short time must be extended gradually will give enough perspective to begin to take things differently. So you learn to relax becomes a habit that returns serene natural contact with the flow of life.

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So you can see that relaxation techniques proposed from the practice of mindfulness, are an anchor to life and not a method of personal privacy.

“The clear-that mind is not lost in thought sees the same world as ever, but not with the same eyes as usual.”

That clarity of mind is achieved through the practice of silence.

Back to mental relaxation that never should’ve gone, it is one of the basic objectives of start practicing silence.

Okay, it’s like starting a diet, deciding to play sports or pretend to quit from this moment; only possible with determination and perseverance. The same is true when deciding that the time has come to propose open up the silence to become aware of the present moment.

You can start testing or take new impetus to your practice from this link.


You can also enter search the BiblioMind a book that will serve you for inspiration.

But always remember that the books are finger points to the moon, but not the moon.

Experimentation, changing habits, work in the here and now face the pain to put aside suffering and feel full or full from mental relaxation, are certain to feel alive and enjoy a simple life paths. Therefore, learn to relax, should be a primary objective in your life to return to your natural serenity and self-control.

Living is simple, it is difficult to be carried away by the tide of thoughts that cause mental relaxation is an unattainable utopia.

You have to “realize” that the practice of mindfulness or mindfulness, will be the anchor that returns you to the life you want to lead.

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Let me leave again with Larry Rosenberg who speaks also of the profound significance of mental relaxation through the discovery of relaxation techniques that you can adapt to your daily work:

“By accessing this form of living and refined life that I call activates silence or stillness, you can be born in you a love, even a passion for it. By practicing aimless realize, it is increasingly possible to live in it and from it “ . ( “Three Steps to wake up. The practice of mindfulness in everyday life”)

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