How to Fix the Estimated Day by Day – By Bernardo Stamateas

How to Fix the Estimated Day by Day - By Bernardo Stamateas 3A person whose esteem is healthy, knows how to relate effectively with others. It does not reach its goal the most knowledgeable arrives who knows relate better with others. Some people have a prodigious mind but not ensnare not know anyone, do not know how to relate to others and that is where they fail. Everyone is important, that’s why a healthy esteem knows he needs to negotiate, it is essential to reach an agreement, which is not that some winners and losers but we all win. A healthy esteem not fight for minor things, you know that her booty is in the big dreams that lie ahead.

Each of us must give us the courage we deserve. We are valuable, because we are unique and unrepeatable beings. We learn to get along with others. Spread your ties, keep your relationships, increases your maturity and your ability d negotiation. You have to know when to forgive, when to say when, when to cut and when to follow and have wisdom to know who you’re going to choose to accompany you on the journey of your dream.

Says writer J. Maxwell: “At 18 years I cared about what people thought of me, 40 did not worry about what people thought of me and 60 I realized that nobody ever thought of me “. Only you will fight with inexhaustible forces your dream, without complaining, without attracting attention, because no one will defend your thing as you can do it. That’s why a healthy esteem does not need recognition , if it comes it is a plus, so be it , but he knows that what matters is who is doing something to achieve its own purpose.

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Your dream is the place where your fear will arise. If your dream is to prosper in the economic growth will begin to fill with questions and fears thinking if correct decision you made, because fear is born of the same dream we have. And this fear appears just when you’re in the middle of your project, not the beginning or the end, but when you’re in the middle of the battle, that’s why probably once said: ” It seems that a wind rose in against not to “.

Fear is in the middle of your dream to want you out of the project, so your dream must be bigger than your storms. It has to be a life bigger than your opposition, because if it is a small project, when they come the difficulties are going to leave, but if it’s a bigger dream that all obstacles can be lifted, you will have peace in the midst of storm and you say, “is not so terrible, I have ability to fix it .”

The fire burning gold? No, it does shine. Just as it seems that destroys you, it destroys others, you will shine. What other burns, if your esteem is strong as gold, you can not harm you. Within each of us is the power to reverse any fact, any attitude and behavior that did not bring us the result we were expecting. We can not change the past but we can do something today that I finished healing.

People whose esteem is healthy tolerate frustration, not quick to call evil what happens but to find the advantage of what is happening. People with good estimates expect that good things happen in tomorrow. Broadens your ability to meet new people. Pulitzer was a man of Hungarian nationality when he arrived in the United States went to work at a library, and in his spare time playing chess. And playing with one another until one day conversing met the owner of a newspaper. This same man hired him to write a column, then asked him to do a page, and so on. Pulitzer was able to thrive while came to buy the newspaper.

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He said: “I met the key person, playing chess , Why? Because we must learn to meet new people. People with healthy esteem knows that we can all learn something and find in them an opportunity. Today give the Pulitzer prizes loss best writers in the world, we can meet people at any time and at any time. Teddy Jakes, an American preacher, at the end of a seminar on finance said: “Your best resource is your relations.” You have to know that the relationships you choose you away or you closer to your destination.

A hug,

Elias Berntsson

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