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girl-1718430_1920One sunny morning walking through the woods was a young man carrying a backpack on his back. This took a few eating fruits waiting finish his long walk. At the halfway mark he sat on a bench to rest for a moment. Suddenly, a child was on the same bench and could see through the opening in the bag of the young man inside had a very ripe and tasty apples, then immediately craved and excitedly said: “apple, my fruit favorite! “. Young meanwhile, did not mind hearing the child and before that perhaps you were to ask that had given him some, he decided to get up and follow the path. Hours later when the young man finished his walk and started to relax, he opened his backpack to finally eat their fruits, but what was surprised to see that just at that moment were being eaten away by worms …

As it is well known, within the teachings of Jesus Christ are: “Do unto others what you would like for yourself” and therefore “do not do unto others what you would have them do unto you”. This reminds us of the foundation upon which coincide almost all religions to love your neighbor as yourself. If this applies naturally and effortlessly in everyday life, everything else is given in addition. Become aware that in essence “you” are as important as “I” and that there would be “other” if there was an “I” and there were no day without night, is a very important first step in building the long – awaited peace. It starts like everything, with oneself to cultivate thoughts and feelings of self-acceptance towards all own, giving us a love of quality and abundance. Only after such love can extend it to others, from our immediate environment or those closest to the world. Nature is not only very wise but also some laws operate it full of meaning and that we involve us humans as part of it. One of these laws is that sooner or later we come back everything that we provided or generated in thoughts, emotions, words and actions toward others.

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So to understand why we do not get all good, nice and positive from others, you need to review what we are giving. Also, if you want more love, affection, consideration and support we must ask how much love, affection, consideration and support are offering, plain and simple, not for the purpose of judging and criticizing but to understand and decide.

Now there are other cases where the person does not get enough love from others not necessarily because their attitude is indifferent or lacking in affection, in fact, it may be of those who all the time are looking for ways to help and that “sacrifice” for others, even more so do not get what you want. In this case it may be that she is not being first loving herself and therefore there is no genuine give your part, but consciously or unconsciously offered is out of fear or receive approval and attention by their acts of ” sacrifice”. Consequently, you can only attract people to confirm their deepest belief: “I am not sufficiently worthy of unconditional love” that is in common in people with low self-esteem. Remember that your relationships with others are a mirror of relationship you have with yourself and vice versa.

Therefore, the key to happiness in human relations is to behave with others as I wish to behave oneself, but from self-love, freedom without expecting anything in return, not from fear or for trying to please or be accepted.

Also, not only about giving, but to have the full readiness to do so, not only is what is done, but the attitude with which it is done. Then take an interest not only to give but to give generously but with an attitude of receptivity, empathy, kindness and charisma.

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People have been generous in giving, whose behavior they have learned over time, even through the same difficult situations that have gone through. For example: Olga Breeskin is currently a prominent Mexican violinist. In his youth he went through a deep personal crisis due to drugs, alcohol, prostitution and financial bankruptcy, all of which changed from that began to follow the teachings of Jesus. In 2007 a friend invited her to a spiritual retreat and although at first put resistance, then accepted. By 2008 he was already cultivating faith in God and was integrating his life Christian teachings. Later gave a complete turnaround in his life, he opened a company specializing in treating children with asthma clinic. In his songs he has enjoyed praising God and has had firm intentions to be a loving instrument to help beings who have lived in misery and that she suffered. He gave his testimony on numerous occasions seeking to inspire others to overcome. In 2016 he starred in the film: “Beautiful Night” by filmmaker Maria Jose Cuevas. So we can see that in the midst of its history of great difficulties have been allowed to open his mind and heart to find a solution, but has also managed to take the place of others. By providing solidarity and support life has offered continuous progress in their personal, social and professional level.

We also found the case of Mark Zuckerberg, creator of Facebook, who is considered one of the most millionaires in the world youth. He did not finish his career in computer science, as well as most of their peers. He believes that to succeed you need sometimes follow paths other than the common people, stop using fear and imagination. Also he thinks it is important to have a very high goal to succeed and that they do people who are not afraid of failure. Mark has guided his behavior based on the quality of generosity, knowing well that to receive you must first give. For example, once he rejected a multimillion dollar offer to buy Microsoft offered software that was developed and instead drove it around for free on the net. This opened new paths and was getting even more successful. Every time he is convinced that his mission is to connect the world and make this a more open space. It is important to make a product that works for people as well as he has served and meanwhile, enjoys what he does not afraid of anything.

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Giving and generosity is presented in both tangible and intangible aspects, such as behavior or what is said. The suggestion is to imagine that the other is you, then whenever you escape a word unkindly, for example: “How ridiculous you look , ” think again and say, “I’m telling myself ridiculous I look” How does this make me feel? Not very nice, so I will refrain from saying it again . If you do wait a long time the other on a date, put in place and imagine that you are the other: “I’m losing time and I’m getting tired of waiting , ” then how I feel? I stressed, so I will try to arrive on time onwards next time.

Respect also incites others and can not pretend to be respected when one does not do to others. If you criticize, you end up being criticized, if you offend, you end up being offended, if you continually lie, you end up losing credibility, if you have the habit of shouting at each other, the other will go on your side or you cry harder trying to defend themselves or will no longer feel affection for you.

Not always positive results to speak, think and act in the best way towards others are seen immediately, no matter, still, still doing your part with the awareness that you’re putting your love into action. The where, the when, the how of your Leave them to the universe rewards. Pay attention to planting, harvest will then at the perfect time, when the fruits are ready, not before or after.


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