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How do I clean my yoga mat?

How do I clean my yoga mat? 3

How to Clean a Yoga Mat   

Yoga today is a common passion for many people. And not only with the asanas her fans are familiar.

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How do I clean my yoga mat? 4


There are several everyday moments that accompany this relaxation activity: the rug becomes dirty with time and can smell unpleasant. How to clean a yoga mat, we will talk further.


    • Yoga mat;
    • spray
    • vinegar;
    • water;
    • sponge;
    • a cloth for washing;
    • washing powder;
    • dishwashing liquid;
    • tea tree oil.
How to Clean a Yoga Mat

Cleaning with acetic solution

The simplest cleaning solution can be prepared by yourself. To do this, take two tablespoons of vinegar and pour them into a spray gun. The capacity should then be filled with water to the edge – about half a liter. As an antifungal agent, you can add a few drops of tea tree oil.

How to Clean a Yoga Mat

The entire solution should be thoroughly shaken and sprayed on the mat, wiping it with a soft rag. Do this immediately after yoga, so the rug will not get dirty.

How to Clean a Yoga Mat
How to Clean a Yoga Mat

In this solution, vinegar will help to remove odors, and will act as an antibacterial agent. More than this norm of vinegar should not be added, otherwise the mat will absorb its sharp smell.

Antifungal properties are also the oils of magnolia vine, eucalyptus, mint and geranium. For a pleasant smell and antibacterial properties, you can add lavender and citrus oil.

Deep cleansing with soap

Periodically, the mat requires deeper cleaning than simply spraying the vinegar solution. In this case, you will have to use detergents. You can take a dishwashing liquid or soap and add a few drops of the product in warm water.

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How to Clean a Yoga Mat

In water, moisten the sponge and begin to wipe the mat with a soft side. To begin with, the product must be foamed on the surface of the rug, and then rinse with clean water. After that, the mat needs to be hung out to dry in the open air.

This method of cleaning is perfectly suitable for rubber mats and rugs made of PVC. Cotton mats or mats made of natural fibers and materials should be cleaned in a different way.

Washing the mat

Mats from natural fabrics for deep cleaning need to be loaded into the washing machine. Washing is necessary in a delicate mode, using a soft powder, you can have a baby. Drying is better simply in the open air, not near sources of heat, otherwise the mat will quickly become unusable.

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