Meditation techniques 7 ways to meditate while traveling

How to Meditate traveling

We are all travelers. Some of illusions, other short-haul and other lifetime.

Some are weekend travelers, others love getting lost in unknown destinations, some explore unknown spots in their own country and others embark on adventures in which the least important is it.

Some do it for pleasure, others for work and others for both … But the question is that, one way or another, we all travel.

Traveling allows you to find yourself, let yourself be guided by your senses, appreciate the reality with all its nuances … Imagine if all the sensations that you will sumarás a meditation!

And that is precisely our proposal for you: meditate on the go!

You can not only help you enjoy a better holiday but helps you become more aware of all that you appreciate more small details as you face more obstacles serenity small as glues or delays that arise in many trips …

And besides all that, you still developing powers such as intuition, creativity, healthy habits or anti-stress techniques.

After you teach the benefits of meditation as you walk and meditate on the water today from Silva Method we share seven steps that will make your trip an ideal destination whatever.

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Because sometimes what matters is not the place, but the experience .

Will you join this trip?

7 ways to meditate while traveling

1. Enjoy being a passenger. We are always moving from one place to another … So take that to your advantage and meditates while traveling, while moving, while you move from one place to another.

Meditates going by bus, train, boat, plane or other means of transport in which you should not pay attention behind the wheel.

Just try to meditate while you are still in your seat and move stage.

Imagine going by train and get away from all the noise and stress just close your eyes and focus on your breath!

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2. Meditate on your accommodation. Any place is good to meditate whenever you have some quiet.

So whether in a hotel, a house, an apartment facing the sea or on a terrace … Meditate.

Forget about all distractions, turn off the phone, sit back, relax and meditate for at least 15 minutes.

The question is to try to find a moment of peace and quiet between both movement; your mind and your body will thank you too.

3. Meditate while walking. Walking in a new city is an amazing way to appreciate every detail we encountered.

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It is not only a form of contemplative expression, but also a unique opportunity to rest from internal complaints, away feeling tired and enjoy a pleasant walk.

Want to know how to meditate while walking? If you have not already, read our article.

4. Meditate in nature. Many travel experiences are developed in nature: botanical gardens, nature reserves, hungry seas of freedom, forests or national parks.

Whatever your case, wherever you are surrounded by nature you have the opportunity to meditate and contemplate through all your senses the scenery around you.

Feel the colors, hear the sounds, Get impregnated their aromas, enjoy the energy of nature and feel part of what’s around you. It’s an amazing feeling!

5. Food also account. Another interesting way to incorporate meditation during your travels is through food.

Often when we travel we find foods that are unknown to us, who never had tried different recipes and to which we are accustomed.
All this is a unique opportunity to open your mind to new experiences, tastes and sensations opportunity.

But it is also a unique opportunity to meditate feeling; so pay attention to each and every one of the ingredients of each dish, saboréalos calmly and eat slowly to enjoy the experience.

The truth is that being fully aware of the whole process of chewing, since I see food until you swallow, is an experience of meditation.

6. Dwell sounds. Pondering sounds is one of the most pleasant and enjoyable ways to relax there and also become aware.

When we travel there are many sounds that accompany us and settle our way … Take advantage of them to switch off for a while.

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Focus on the noise of people talking on the street, music in a bar, the bells in a church nearby, the announcement of a flight at an airport, live music … Listen carefully and be receptive focusing on sounds they awaken in you pleasant emotions and wellbeing.

7. Express gratitude. Gratitude has incredible power.

So you’ll never forget, devotes part of your time to thank all those experiences you had: by the people who made your stay more enjoyable and easy, who cooked for you, for having been able to visit such extraordinary places, transport…

Thankful for everything that exists is a unique way to be at peace with oneself and be open to harmony, peace and welfare.

You see, meditation is made to travel: no space and is an excellent companion.

If you want to live a much richer experience, incorporating these tips to your new trips and come back even better than when you left ????

Do you dare to try? Leave us a comment below on what did you think these meditation techniques for your trips or getaways, and tell us also if you already incorporate some them or if you use a different … It gives us great joy to know how you go!