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What is the best yoga mat for Ashtanga yoga?

What is the best yoga mat for Ashtanga yoga? 7

Ashtang’s yoga mat is designed for professional use and active yoga styles, which set special requirements for the rug. This “eternal” rug will serve for decades not only active practice, but also a professional who spends on the rug for many hours every day.

The yoga mat very useful for during yoga and It’s helpful to avoid injury while doing yoga to improve the posture of the head. And yoga mat is available in amazon. To buy a yoga mat click this link.

What is the best yoga mat for Ashtanga yoga? 8


Yoga mat Ashtanga is very durable, tough enough and resilient to help balance balance asanas, and at the same time, thick enough and comfortable to soften the load on the joints during intensive training.

Because of its weight, it is rather a stationary rug that will be constantly in the studio or at home, although for car owners the weight of the rug will not be a limiting factor.

What is the best yoga mat for Ashtanga yoga? 9What is the best yoga mat for Ashtanga yoga? 10

The quality corresponds to the PROFI carpets, but it is much more profitable for the price.

Width: 66cm

Length: 185cm.

Thickness:  5, 5mm

Weight at a length of 185 cm: 3.2kg

Material: PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) 

Color:  petrol, eggplant

Yoga styles: Suitable for outdoor activities, active practice and for styles such as ashtanga vinyasa yoga or power yoga.

Care: Wipe clean with a damp cloth

Ecological compatibility: Ashtanga  yoga matt materialdoes not contain carcinogenic dyes, harmful plasticizers and toxic metals, as evidenced bySGSlaboratories

Water permeability: Yoga mat Ashtanga does not absorb moisture. This may be a drawback with increased sweating.

Tip: Since the new Ashtanga yoga mats are coated with a substance that protects the mats from sticking during storage, at first you may notice that it slightly slides. Therefore, the Ashtang rug is recommended to be wiped with a damp cloth before the first use and dried in the unfolded state.

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