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What Is Your Impression Of Transcendental Meditation?

What Is Your Impression Of Transcendental Meditation? 3

What makes Transcendental Meditation (TM) so popular is that it requires no special effort. You just need to allocate twice a day, twenty minutes of your time in a quiet place, to free your mind and trigger the meditation. Transcendental Meditation is defined as giving easy access to an unlimited number of reserves of energy, creativity and deep happiness.

Here is an overview of 10 great benefits that result from the regular practice of Transcendental Meditation.

1. Increased work efficiency

Research has been conducted in both small and large companies. Overall, after 3 months of regular Transcendental Meditation, there is a significant improvement in employee effectiveness, leadership skills, job satisfaction, professional relationships, and overall health status. .

2. Stress management

Overcoming stress is one of the main benefits of regular Transcendental Meditation practice, if only for the reason that stress is the cause of almost every other ailment and dysfunction of the body and mind.

Research with people with post-traumatic stress disorder confirms that TM provides relaxation and deep rest for the body and mind.

3. Best  school performance

Numerous studies of students at all levels of their educational background show that the practice of Transcendental Meditation increases intellectual and cognitive performance, has a positive impact on academic test results, reduces absenteeism and offenses, reduces stress, anxiety and depression related to school.

4. Improves blood pressure

Many studies confirm that Transcendental Meditation reduces blood pressure and leads to lowering blood pressure.

What Is Your Impression Of Transcendental Meditation? 4


5. Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease

Decreasing blood pressure is often one of the main goals of preventing cardiovascular disease. The practice of Transcendental Meditation is of great use here.

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6. Smoking

Transcendental Meditation does not in itself stop smoking. However, the effects on smokers appear to be cumulative; the more the meditation allows a reduction of the stress, the greater is the liberation vis-a-vis the nicotine.

7. Alcoholism

Scientific studies of different groups of individuals show that the effect of Transcendental Meditation on the reduction of alcohol consumption is 1.5 to 8 times higher than that of other programs. The rate of abstinence can be greater than 70% after 18 months of meditation.

8. Hyperactivity

3 months of Transcendental Meditation practice improves brain function associated with the symptoms of hyperactivity.

9. Harmonious relationships

A correlation between regular practice of Transcendental Meditation and harmonious interpersonal relationships has been observed both at home and in the workplace.

10. Increase in IQ

The practice of Transcendental Meditation has demonstrated improved test results in areas such as the ability to reason successfully in new situations and the speed of information processing.

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