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Difficulties in implementing Shavasana

Who would have thought that at first glance, the easiest
asana can be the most difficult. Technique execution Shavasana you are unlikely to help establish a yoga instructor. The most he can do is to give some theoretical recommendations. But as soon as you lay down on the floor and close your eyes, you are left alone with the body and mind.

The first problem faced by many, it is falling asleep in Shavasana.
Sometimes even that practicing yoga begins to snore in the room, thus distracting others. To solve this problem, you must first solve the problem of “lack of sleep”. In this case
Shavasana is nothing. You fall asleep not only yoga but also in transport, reading a favorite book, sometimes even at work. Therefore, it is necessary to set yourself a sleep mode to sleep. You should also adjust the power and put in their way of life walking in the fresh air. Leisurely walk to public transport as follow on work, not nesites headlong. Try to take a walk before going to bed, especially if there is no other way to go during the day.

The second problem Shavanasy – is the inability to relax, stop straining muscles of the body, letting go.
In this case, you need to understand the causes of this problem. Often, the reason lies in the fact that the body feels uncomfortable. So before you go to Organize your place. Savasana – it is not a test of how much you are hardened and comfortably lie on the hard floor, it’s time for comfort and warmth. Use propsy: put Bolster under the knees, rolled the rug – back under blanket – under his head. Do not neglect a bandage or a mask for sleep on the eyes. Put on socks and a sweater if it’s cold. Escape blanket.

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When the place to settle down, and you lay down, try to work with consciousness, using some elements of
Yoga Nidra :

  • The rotation of the consciousness of points: mentally reassemble fingers, then legs, mentally directing attention to each individually.

  • Visualizations: my arms – heavy and relaxed, my legs – heavy and relaxed, his face relaxed, his forehead clear, calm, the whole body – heavy and relaxed, “me on all sides surrounds and protects the comfortable darkness.”
    One can imagine that if the body falls down as if immersed in a thick, soft carpet.

  • Sankalpa – in Shavasana can be your usual Sankalpa (of success in yoga, life, etc.) or “small” Sankalpa – relaxation and recreation.
    At the beginning of Shavasana you can say to yourself, “Now I am completely relaxed and rest, body and soul, filled with renewed vigor,” and in the end said to himself the same thing, only this time in the affirmative, “I am well rested body and soul, full of new.”

In addition, there are several other techniques that help to relax:

  • Focusing on some point.
    For example, at the top of the head ( “Switch Point” – Kshetra – Sahasrara), or on the abdomen, the solar plexus (Manipur). Avoid focusing on the center of the breast (Anahata), as sometimes it causes a slight tension in the area, this is best done sitting.

  • Chanting.
    Someone longer helps to relax a very simple
    mantra ( Om ), and who, on the contrary! – complex, which occupies the mind completely.

  • Looking at myself from the outside, as it were, out of the corner or the top.
    Try to mentally draw a portrait, including posture, clothing, facial features, etc. When the “pattern” will begin to breathe, to live (do not worry) – you will understand that the practice was a success.
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When savasana is a little turn out, you will notice that in Shavasana “on the surface” begin to go deeper, complex voltage, including emotive images from the memory and even the subconscious.
Do not be alarmed! With this need to work, for example, with the help of
yoga nidra .

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