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How can I reduce my knee pain without medicines?

How can I reduce my knee pain without medicines? 3

Relieve knee pain with Yoga

The knees support part of the weight when walking, so that a pain of them can cause great difficulties.

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How can I reduce my knee pain without medicines? 4


However, there are several ways to treat pain, from medicine to exercise on a regular basis. So Yoga can contribute to the cause, relieving pain effectively .

Half lobster

Half lobster posture

Half lobster is a posture that helps relieve pain in knees . To do this you must face upside down. The chin should touch the floor and the palms of the hand should be under the shoulders. Keep your legs together and start lifting them. Make sure you keep the hip bones against the ground. Now bend the right knee while raising the right foot. Hold the position for a few breaths. Stretches the leg and falls little by little. Repeat with the left leg, do the asana several times.



The Tadsana is a Yoga posture that can help relieve pain in the knees and relax the body and mind. To start, stand up straight and keep your feet firmly on the ground. Try to be as vertical as possible without bending your back. The elbows should be down, the chest outside and the fingers should point forward. Inhale and exhale deeply.

Warrior’s Pose

Warrior's Pose

The warrior’s pose is a yoga asana that helps keep the knee well aligned, in addition to strengthening the gluteals and hamstrings. Place your right leg forward and with your foot make a 90 turn to the side. Then put the left arm on the left leg and arch the torso to the same side. The right arm raise it as if you were pointing to the sky.

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These Yoga postures seek to strengthen the muscles that support the knees , which results in less effort in them and, therefore, reduce pain. So put these asanas into practice and feel the difference.

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