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When “I meditate” on the concept of balance, when I suddenly come to mind, a sense of relief in me, tranquility, everything is fine and that in the way of balance’m already experiencing balance occurs. I become aware of the oscillations, and I’m thinking that nothing happens, everything is perfect as it is, that there is no place to arrive because everything is inside me.

That’s when I am in that state where I go in the middle when the tasks related to my projects come out better because I do not do because it
touches them, but for the pleasure of doing things with love, for it is good for me and it will for many people.

No balance without love or love without balance
No balance without love or love without balance

Balancing postures, as well as improving balance in the body, help us increase the ability to concentrate, improving the mind-body connection. They also tend to favor and strengthen the muscles of the lower extremities.

Here I leave a series of postures to improve balance in your life.

Recommendations for practicing yoga at home

  • Before you begin, you notice how you feel physically and mentally, and perform practice depending on the answer you know. At all times we are different, and you must adapt your current state practice.
  • Make the right effort. If any posture you have trouble, do less. Seeks comfort in posture
  • Breathe consciously in each posture.
  • Be aware of what you’re doing, paying attention to your body, muscles are working, the effects of each posture you.
  • Always rest you need it. If breathing is agitated, is you’re doing more than what you owe, or your mind is distracted. Keep alert.
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Postures to improve balance

Tree - Vrksasana
Tree – Vrksasana
The Warrior III - III Virabhadrasana
The Warrior III – III Virabhadrasana
Ardha chandrasana - Crescent
Ardha chandrasana – Crescent
side plate - Vasisthasana
side plate – Vasisthasana
The ship - Navasana
The ship – Navasana

To end

These postures can do the solo, or in a full practice. If you want to know how to structure practice yoga at home, here you have this article where I give you a guide.

If only perform these postures, anyway, if you can, the body heat a little earlier, for example performing 3 rounds of Sun Salutation. At the
end, lies about 5 minutes in the posture of the body.

And enjoy your practice, and balance in your life …