Yoga poses to energize your body in 10 minutes

There have been times in my life when I got out of bed with lots of energy. At other times, however, it has cost me more. That’s when I became aware that a few minutes of yoga are great for waking me better and start the day with the best foot.

With a few minutes you dedicate yourself to focus on your breathing, and then a ways to stretch the body, will be enough to start the morning with energy and a clear mind.

I share with you this short sequence of yoga so you can move very well the spine. You can stay as long as you want in each, although you have an idea, you can for example be from 30 seconds to 1 minute. Just remember to be the same time on each side of the body in the case of positions that require it.

Standing bending forward / Uttanasana


Inhale posture Tadasana or Mountain, and low exhalation slowly the body forward and down.
If possible, allow the torso of your body is founded with her thighs, bending your knees if you need it. Take now elbows with opposite hands, and enjoys gravity while keeping the neck stretched. You can swing from side to side, or keep in place, focusing on breathing.

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Dog down / Adho Mukha Shvanasana


Supports the palms of your
hands firmly on the floor, parallel middle fingers as you lift your hips toward the sky. Keep your knees slightly bent, if needed, and feet and hands open to wide hips.

While stretched arms from the wrists to the shoulders and keep your head between your arms in line with your spine.

You can combine the breath with movement of the knees, bending one and then the other to move a little lower body, keeping the spine stretched.

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Down Dog Variation / Eka Pada Adho Mukha Svanasana


From the position of the Dog, snorting laventa right leg.
Keep the alignment of the shoulders, bending the right knee and opens the hips to the right. Feel lengthening the back of the left leg. Then with exhalation, lower the right foot and repeat the pose with the left.

Cobra / Bhujangasana


From the previous position, exhaling down with the body to the
ground, and inhaling slowly rises to the cobra.

Straighten your arms to lift the chest and stomach, leaving the lower abdomen on the floor.
Keep firm legs, and if at all possible, keep relaxed buttocks. Keep them flexed arms and head can leave straight or tilted back.

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Crescent Moon / Anjaneyasana


From the cobra again exhalation dog down. Then with inhalation carries the right foot hands with one or more steps. Exhaling left knee drops on the floor and lift your hands inhaling and look up. Feel the stretch on the sides of your body, and inhale and exhale gently.

Exhalation back with the dog down, and takes the position with the left foot.
The dog returns again down.

Torsion chair / Parivritta Utkatasana


From the position of the dog down, take a break or several steps behind the dolls feet while exhaling. Take your hands up and bend your knees, breathing, and then twist your body to the right side, bringing your hands to chest in prayer position. Feel the twisting your body and breathe gently. Inhale and return to center, and then with exhalation turns to the left. At the end he returns to the center and straighten the knees.

Variation flexion foot forward / Uttanasana


From the previous position, interlace your arms behind you and try breathing slowly separate the arms of the body, but if the arms are aching, keep your posture without separating arms. This position, like the first, is a variant of Uttanasana, which also do a stretch in arms.

Then exhale arms down to the
floor and inhale slowly up the body forward and up.

Once standing posture Tadasana or Mountain, close your
eyes and take three deep breaths. Feel all the energy through your body now and compare yourself to how you feel compared to when you get up a few minutes ago. Gently open your eyes and get ready to have a great day!

A big hug for you,



inspiration: MindBodyGreen