Mindfulness for women or the art of practicing towards the here and now

Mindfulness for women or art to practice to the here and now

“Mindfulness for women” Vidyamal Burch and Claire Irvin. Editorial Kairos


Mindfulness for women. Yes, with this title Editorial Kairos surprise us this time with a great book that teaches us the depth of the practice of mindfulness or mindfulness focused on women, but really a great book for both men and women is.


A working point on equality to understand, accept and enjoy all possible worlds from the serenity of a moment of silence.

In Mindfuless for women we meet again with a great life and a great woman of many things such as the Burch Vidyamala accompanying this volume Claire Irvin.

We had already seen Vidyamala in the books You are not your pain” and “Living Well with pain and disease” whose reviews you can read by clicking on the links.

She is a clear example of how to resume life after facing an entire personal story of overcoming. Mindfulness for women re-introduce an excellent person work program for growth from the practice of mindfulness or mindfulness.

When you read the book ‘s subtitle, you can already get an idea of what leads you are getting into these practices almost 400 pages of explanations and exercises. “Structure your mind, simplifies your life and find time for yourself”

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But here I note that, although clearly aimed at women mindfulness, the book not only be read, but can and should also be read by any man. We learn from all and all.

We live in a time of acceleration and constant pressure. At women are over, unfortunately, they are demanding more with the perverse idea that they are available 24 hours a day at work and in everyday life.

The moment of mindfulness for women is that with this book you can enter the powerful antidote for anxiety, stress, exhaustion and depression.

Mindfulness for women is an essential and necessary for men and women book, because as you can read in “Dialogues wise women” and “men with heart” of Fina Sanz, the end of the day we have a soul and heart that unites us as living beings. The time is propitious to us.


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