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Very good heart!

Here is another collection of images with phrases yoga and life, which as I said in the title, it’s all the same.
Remember that your practice of yoga is not just the time you’re on a mat. Yoga, as it says this first image I agree with you, is the journey of being. It is a path of self – awareness, mindfulness. And this trip is our day.

Enjoy your way!

yoga phrases

Sometimes we do not know why certain things happen. I feel like Eckhart Tolle says, that everything is part of our evolution.
experience-you need

The miracle of mindfulness … Put your whole being into whatever you’re doing. It remains there. Pay attention. And that task, perhaps routine, will become creation and will be beauty and light.
as-I sleep

Flowing, heart! Sometimes we strive to swim upstream and forget that when we are like dry leaves on the river of life, life brings us to the Divine.

Yes … the crisis of us. By ourselves we must begin to work. Do not throw out the stones in your hands is growing.

We eat with gratitude and mindfulness. This food is a gift of the whole universe: the earth, the sky, numerous living beings, loving and hard work of many people.

Thich Nhat Hanh

dinner yogaesmas

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Do not forget the gift that is life. An attitude of gratitude gives us joy, humility and consciousness.

Do you meditate? Or even it costs you “put the mind blank”?
to meditate

Another definition of yoga, this time by Patanjali, the author of the Yoga Sutras.

To sow in you, you’re inspiring, or otherwise reaching your example to all around you.

Another call attention to the present moment, where your life unfolds. There is no charge for past or fear the future. Here and now there is nothing but love.

Come back, again and again, that warm place, full of love and calm. We return to the heart.