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I presented

“When you have to think, think. When you have to live, he lives. When circumstances require your head, use it, but when not, live without a head … from the heart. “

Ramiro Calle, Spiritual Autobiography

When we left a yoga class, when we make love or when we watch a movie and we are really present, when you’re giving it your best then that is simply to live that moment, open up to him and connect with what is happening, something in you is transformed. And when … just think when you leave the yoga class, if you think the same as when you came. At all times we change but there are times we feel even more that transformation. It’s nice being able to have even a moment later and feel your heart, feel that you take the other person or you take the class or that film that both you connected. It’s nice to breathe and go inward, to observe what has so resonated with you, enjoy it. Just stay silent, feeling …

Is beautiful also have the opportunity to be present in the hard and difficult times, they also (sometimes even more) are transformers. If you do not reject them , if we open ourselves to that point, it can be a great opportunity to know yourself, to feel every cell of your body as it goes reblandeci√©ndose or hardened to a strong word or extremely hard circumstances. The open ourselves to the present moment, whatever, whether we like it or not like, it’s the greatest thing we have in every moment and to live our life as it is, as we are presented. It is a gift that we often lose to be looking at where it is not. And all it is, is always NOW.

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“If there is no balance between matter and spirit, between inner life and outer life, between personality and soul, no Yoga”.


Today I bring you a video with 3 yoga positions for beginners to practice balance in the asana. Balancing postures challenge you to be even more present, and as the master Iyengar said, this is the perfect asana. Be there at all times, without expecting anything, being aware of breathing without forcing, with an open heart and mind calm and alert.

I make an invitation: Experience it
not only in the position in which you’re also try it in your life.

“It is necessary to find the midline of each asana, so that energy remains properly distributed. When one hesitates, away from the midline, then it goes into the past or the future. The vertical ascent is the future; the vertical descent is the past. Horizontality is present. This is the perfect asana. “



We are constantly changing every moment, whether you want or not. We cling to permanence, that everything stays as it is and that never happens. And that causes much suffering. I do not know what has been your experience, I would love to tell me in a comment, when you began to realize that your mind spending a lot of time outside the present moment. What did you do? Did you start watching what I was doing? Do you juzgabas for not being here and now? Did you play with it to see how you come back to your life faster, which is happening right at this moment?

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“We are so anxious that everything is permanent! Seek permanency in our relationships, we want a permanent wife or husband, a permanent relationship with our ideas and actions, yet, right? Seek permanence, it is mechanical, we want to feel safe all the time. But is there something permanent in life, their ideas, their relationships, something? Perhaps your home is permanent, although it may not, there are earthquakes. Is there psychological permanence, including their gods, beliefs, entertainment? It is clear that there is nothing permanent, and still the mind asks permanence, security, because he is afraid to live in a state of uncertainty. To live in that state, a great balance and a deep understanding is required, otherwise one becomes neurotic. The mind is only free when not trapped in the desire for permanence. “


I’ve been through all these phases, and ????observation and play back again and again, I have practiced mainly with meditation, have helped me a lot to be more complete, to give myself at all times, inside and outside the mat. There is nothing to wait, there is a desire to meet and therefore no possible failures. It is to be present or not be. When we are, we are able to enjoy and see the beauty of what is, and if not, then we will be living a different experience and worthy of note. Naturally, without fighting but will be back to that moment and that place where things happen: HERE AND NOW.


In one of the trips that my mother did to Spain, had two favorite books:

– The Power of Now, by Eckhart Tolle

– The Book of Life, Krishnamurti

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In those years, that it was not my time to connect with them. I remember not cast even a flip. She never told me nothing, just read, discerned and lived consistently. She conveyed to me how this is lived and what were the benefits of not letting us through life with the mind in the past or in the future. Years later I read books and at that time, I came to the heart. My mother gave me and gives me his life, how to live in the present, being in balance and not forgetting impermanence.

Today went as follows: Present, balance and impermanence.
Which of the three resonated more with you, NOW? See what’s happening in your life. Perhaps this is an opportunity to look inward.

A huge hug for you, love.