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You deserve a Life that Ames. This is the Lesson I Learned


You Deserve a Life That Ames. This is the Lesson I Learned


You have an internal emotional guidance that tells you when you are in a state of “flow” (representing your true self) and when you’re off the track. This emotional guide tells you things like:

“It’s not a good idea to say that”
“You’re a better person than you are showing right now”
“These giving too much of you right now”
“You deserve the best”
” You ‘re being fake”
“Watch out , you regret it late”

And also things like:

“Yes, yes, yes!”
“These you ardes now”
“Continua well”

Most of us grow up thinking that the most courageous thing we can do is sacrifice our true needs to bring happiness to our family, friends, neighbors, community … things that make us win a good reputation in the eyes of society.

Things like getting good grades, have the room cleaned, smile at people watching you pouting or not respect you. Things like keeping peace making effort to make everyone feel at home at ease. And finally, hide your true nature and real needs at any cost so that no imbalances in your environment.

You deserve a life that Ames. This is the lesson I learned

What if you have deceived all this ?, what if you sacrifice your own desires, hopes and goals is not the bravest thing you can do for yourself and for others?

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The best thing to do for this world is to be the best version of yourself . It is very important that you do what makes you happy, because with this you contagias others for your happiness, and thus a snowball that expands is formed.

It is not about doing what your grandfather would make him happy, or what your mother would make you happy or what your best friend would make you happy. Nor is it to do what you produce more praise from others or do that activity in social media are more “like”.

Not complete the maximum of things on your list, not the feeling of having accomplished something or have met an obligation.

What makes you really happy? It is the most important question you can ever make. What makes your heart sing and your soul smile?

These questions are really important, not only because if you do not make that deep yearning within you, you could end up in a state of chronic depression and diseases in your body. But also because it is your inner light that should shine in this world that you’re healthy . When we make what we have inside, it’s like that string of Christmas tree lights, if melted, the other stop working.

You deserve a life that Ames. This is the lesson I learned

If you are one of those who have spent months of his life slaving away to make others happy, your father or your mother among others. Perhaps you wanted his admiration and appreciation above all, in a corner leaving your own needs, leaving another corner what you made me happy. Maybe your grandfather told you that the most important thing to do with your life is to become a man or woman with a six-figure salary before you turned 30 years old, and you that you programmed in your mind. Alomejor you get that achievement, or might please you are striving their best to achieve it. But either ways, you feel that something does not fit.

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Some people have conversations with themselves the following:

“I love writing”
“But my father says that writers are starving”

“Painting is one of my passions”
“But if I do have to get used to living in a cardboard box”

“I love yoga”
“But there are more important things, like a living”

One can go on like to drown their own needs and give in to the wishes of his father or mother. But it’s never too late to wake up and realize this, you may have spent 30 years of your life doing something you do not like to look good to someone else, but you have the essence of your potential within you, you have to live your own life, not someone else’s life.

If you do what you have inside the heart, not just earn your respect you, but to those who influenced you to do his will. As they will see your maturity and self-confidence that entails.

So, it’s time for you to answer this simple question: What makes you happy?

A hug,

Elias Berntsson 

Source: Rebecca Butler – http://www.mindbodygreen.com

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