Meditate at work. The mindfulness trap of exploitation

Meditate at work.  Mindfulness trap

Meditate at work or perform meditation practices in any workplace, can be both a benefit for the worker as a trap employer or entrepreneur to their advantage .


The key is to learn to distinguish and differentiate what is to meditate on the work of what is mindfulness trap misunderstood acceptance.


When meditating at work becomes: “Esto es lo que hay” …


When talking to meditate at work, I always like to remember the good benefits that occur over time, as is the improvement and stress reduction, good governance and anxiety control, improved organization and management time or profit in interpersonal relationships in the workplace.

Suffice to say that mindfulness as a powerful tool for personal and professional development, is a help towards improving industrial relations in any work environment.

The problem is when from the direction of a workplace, it is to use it to meditate at work as a sibylline tool operation and personnel administration. And cases are occurring.

One of the principles of the practice of mindfulness or mindfulness, is what is known as “acceptance” in the sense that what this very moment … ES ES. Here and now “it is what is ” and no more and it is from this acceptance process where they can generate sustained over time changes.

Vicente Simon says “acceptance is no resistance to the flow of life. No resistance to what is already ‘ , but’ this is the key issue !!, must be clear that this sense of acceptance does not imply, much less, resignation.

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And it is at this point that the meditation at work can be found Mindfulness trap that can develop in the workplace and that certainly can be a new form of labor moobing.

When an employer is paying 300 euros a month for working 40 hours a week and able to clear slavery, no matter how “nice” it is the workplace in which you develop your profession, the practice of mindfulness, meditate on work and inner vision can not be a tool to try to perpetuate such an affront to dignity.

Implement techniques to meditate at work and bring mindfulness life to the workplace, is not just “turn off the autopilot” or focus on the here and now, or leave spaces for serenity or open a relaxation area where there meditation cushions while top working from taxation, labor rights conditions deteriorate and are lost.

Implement techniques to meditate at work, bring mindfulness to the field of labor, it entails a radical change in the sense of doing business.


The classic and inherited from the industrial revolution of the terms of competition and productivity, they are more than sense odds with mindfulness life. Compete and produce without soul or heart is simply “stab” contrary to be “more” and in these cases, meditate at work or out the practice of mindfulness to these areas is counterproductive.

Try the acceptance of the present moment in a negative workplace, it is to try to slave labor conditions are accepted in the XXI century.

Meditate at work. It must be starting your own “inner revolution”


From Plenacción as consulting for personal and professional development based on mindfulness, performance focused my work on staff in the business area.

I think from my own experience and the results that I perceived in those who choose to practice mindfulness, meditation and life mindfulness from acceptance without resignation, ends up producing the start of a personal process of inner transformation, leading to take the reins your own life accepting what is not up to you, but to change profoundly what does depend on your actions and attitude.

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That is why meditate at work is only beneficial from the practice of mindfulness or mindfulness, when from the direction of the company that is to carry out a mindfulness program, you have an integrated vision of what could be called “emerge spiritual” (for the term see “the search tempestuous be” Stansilav and Christina Grof) workers.

Only in companies and workplaces where the worker as a person and not as an element of competition and productivity is considered, it is possible to create a space of freedom to new models more befitting the twenty-first century company of late nineteenth century.

Meditate at work and practice mindfulness, entails the start of an internal revolution that gives, to those who live a greater area of ​​freedom, serenity and happiness in the “realize” that from the here and now, from this moment it is possible and desirable to shift towards a more serene, happy and healthy life.

I do not believe in “mindfulness marketing” as new business trends . I do not believe in those companies and workplaces trying to open its doors to mindfulness or mindfulness with the sole purpose of adocenar perverse employees to facilitate their exploitation as an excuse putting the obscure terms of productivity and competition.

Mindfulness is a powerful tool release and inner transformation.


And it is from that intimate “inner revolution” that breaks out in the here and now, where new and radical changes are promoted in the lives of people.

So in the personal space of those who give the liberating way to practice mindfulness. It is an inner revolution and, as such, sometimes disrupts and breaks the storyline of whom practice, realizing that the way they live and dwell time is not what I wanted or was intended and, therefore, sometimes revolutionary breaks in normal life who starts in meditation or mindfulness occur.

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Turn off the autopilot has the greatness to dissipate the clouds of deception both their own and other people but often encountering one’s happiness, at the expense of the happiness of others.

Thus, for example, it looks great in cases of separation and motivated by that divorce “emerging spiritual” , understood spirituality as Grof points out when he says that “the term spirituality should be reserved for situations that include personal experiences of certain dimensions reality, and that generally lead our life and existence a numinous quality of type. Spirituality is something that characterizes the relationship of an individual with the universe and does not necessarily require a formal structure, a collective ritual or mediation of a priest “ .

Therefore, in the emergence of a new personal and professional development based on the practice of mindfulness or mindfulness, one must know and recognize the difference between meditating at work for the overall benefit of a new way of understanding the company and grouper and crass use of the term “acceptance” as a sense of resignation to facilitate humiliation, indignity and exploitation putting as an excuse “this is what you get” and that of “competition and productivity is what it is”.

Mindfulness yes, but for the inner revolution that makes you take charge of your life and arrange your happiness and serenity to the new time. You decide here and now.

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