How to sit down to meditate on mindfulness here and now

How to sit to meditate on mindfulness.

If you have doubts how to sit to meditate when you talk about mindfulness, here’s a great answer.


“How senatarse” Thich Nhat Hanh. Editorial Kairos


How to sit to meditate when we get into the practice of mindfulness or mindfulness, it is what you will learn with this simple volume of the collection of the Editorial Kairos of 5 small books in which Thich Nhat Hanh shows steps and simple ideas to practice in our daily lives.

It is short meditations that, in this case, focus on the work of how to sit to meditate.

It is well known that when “catch” to meditate, it anywhere and anytime, the act itself is so simple and yet so complicated, as is remain silent and completely quiet.

Then comes learning to practice moving meditation, as well explained by the author in other books of this small collection that was pleasantly surprised by the Editorial Kairos, but now it is best to learn well how to sit to meditate on mindfulness.

This small collection of exquisitely hand care where you will also find simple illustrations of Jason DeAntonis have breathing exercises, visualizations, personal stories and exercises for your experimentation.

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 Although, as I said, the practice of mindfulness meditation can take it out anywhere, it comes well learn to know how to sit to meditate, because it is the beginning of everything.


As stated by the author, “the first thing you have to do is stop and drop everything you’re doing” and thus, through constant practice, you encaminarte the habit of finding the spaces of serenity we need in this maelstrom of life we ​​lead.

In short, this new small manual with which you learn how to sit to meditate on mindfulness, there will be your little notebook, ideas and reflections for a simpler, serene and full life.

“Now, sit in a comfortable place. Any place is good “and” Realize your breath “

As simple as that. It’s about putting on and work towards the habit.



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