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What are the yoga exercises to improve liver functioning?

The science behind yoga

Yoga: Love your Liver

The next set of exercises works on the liver. The liver is responsible for purifying the blood. It is the only organ that can regenerate itself. According to Yoga, when the liver is exhausted, we tend to get angry, or when our anger can not be mitigated we have a greater propensity for liver dysfunction.

Excessive consumption of fried food, alcohol and sweets, as well as overeating, damages the liver. Even if our diet is perfect, contaminated air affects the liver. Done regularly, the following series of exercises will help keep the liver pure. Many of the exercises for the liver and bile are asymmetric, that is, they are practiced on only one side, the right one.

Exercise 1

Lie on your right side, keep your head up by supporting it in your left hand. Lift the right leg, grasping the sole, heel or toes (Figure 1). Breath of Fire 4 minutes

This exercise works the meridian of the liver stimulating its regeneration.

Exercise 2

The Posture of the Wheel. Put yourself as indicated in figure 2. Inhale and exhale through the nose. Then inhale and exhale through the mouth. Continue this breathing sequence for 4 minutes.

What are the yoga exercises to improve liver functioning? 3


MODIFICATION: If the wheel position is very difficult, try the bridge position. Feet flat, knees bent, hips up, elbows straight, head back. (Figure 3). You can press the shoulders upwards forming a cushion for the neck.

This position together with the respiratory sequence, balances the energy in the solar plexus to restore the perfect functioning of the liver.

 Exercise 3

Repeat Exercise 1 (Figure 1). 2 minutes.

Why repeat the same side? The answer is that sometimes we need a temporary imbalance to generate a more powerful and lasting equilibrium.

Exercise 4

 Stand up, legs apart. Lean forward so your back is parallel to the ground. Raise your head, throw your arms back between your legs, palms up. (Figure 4). Feel the stretch on the right side below the lower ribs (where the liver is). Hold this posture for a minute, then bend and extend your tongue and do Fire Breathing through the bent tongue for more than three minutes.

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This exercise simply presses the liver to release toxins. The breathing accentuates and speeds up the detoxification process.

 Exercise 5

Put yourself as in the first exercise (Figure 1). Breathe powerfully through the lips in the form of O. You are doing full breaths. Exhaling and inhaling takes about 3-4 seconds each. 30 seconds.

In combination with the previous exercise helps purify the blood.

Exercise 6

Get up and sit cross-legged “without using your hands”. (Figure 5). Do it powerfully and quickly. Come on! 26-52 times.

It’s great to overcome inertia and turn anger into inspiration. It balances the energy in the solar plexus and promotes a healthy circulation.


Exercise 7

Stand up, feet spread the width of your shoulders. Put your hands on your hips and turn your waist in wide circles. (Figure 6). 2 minutes.

This movement massages the liver. If you feel dizzy or your head hurts doing this exercise, it means that your liver and gall bladder are detoxifying. You can do this exercise more than 11 minutes twice a day to cleanse and regenerate the liver.

Exercise 8

Finally, do a meditation. Meditate on “Sat Nam”, breathing long and deeply (as long as you want)

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