healthy lifestyle for a full life

Saludable.Las life style three keys that do not fail.

For having good healthy lifestyle, one of the first things you should do is to “realize” that life that we normally does not favor achieving your targets to have a healthy life. We live too fast and our bad relationship with time does not facilitate the task.


But you have to keep in mind that getting habits and healthy lifestyle is possible if from the serenity begin to put some order in your own life. Moving from motorways to roads is key. You’ll reach the same place, but enjoying more time.


The first thing I recommend you propose when carrying out habits and healthy lifestyle, is to visit Esther Ontiveros space “Living in the Pyramid” you can find in the direction for you will opportunity to begin establishing guidelines for good habits and healthy lifestyle have in your life the space they deserve.

You see it, the three fundamental keys to your new life must revolve around three areas of basic care: healthy eating, exercise and mindfulness responsible or mindfulness.

From my point of view, I think that the practice of mindfulness or mindfulness, must be something like the transverse line focuses all actions you must take to get to have those good habits and healthy lifestyle .

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When through the practice of mindfulness you get be able to get settled in time in which you live, which is none other than the present moment, your relationship with time and space you occupy and live changed radically. The level of stress that you live is a serious limit for healthy living, because as you well Robert Spolsky explains in his book “Why Zebras do not have ulcer ?. Stress Guide “ stress is the real murderer of your health and even ends up killing without you noticing.

Therefore, one of the first things you should do to get hold good habits to reach achieve a healthy lifestyle in your daily life , you start practicing as soon as simple as meditation and learn to re-situate in the place that we need not ever move, which is none other than the present moment where you discover that the extraordinary lies in everyday things . (I invite you to discover how through PROGRAM 40 can get a simple, friendly and entertaining )

Undoubtedly, one of the basic steps to get into a healthy lifestyle, is the theme of food. In the same way that your bike or your car will not miss bleach to walk, it is not acceptable that our body’re always throwing him healthy products that have absolutely nothing.

This does not mean that you become a radical or a certain way of eating, but simply to begin to get used to lead a healthy life, you sit in the absolute presence when selecting and eating; because only from the here and now, you’ll be aware of a healthy and balanced diet. On the website of “living in the pyramid” you indicated at the beginning, you are getting good ideas to carry it out. And if you want to learn to eat carefully, I invite you to read the book of Jan Chozen Bays “Eating vigilant” with which you will learn to have a new much better relationship with your diet.

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And the third key to have good habits and a healthy lifestyle is exercise. At this point you will not need, much less prepare to participate in the next Olympics, and focus on getting the best record in the world in your favorite sport. It is simply that you begin to be aware that as saying “better rusty tired” “The mochilera Granny”.

Choose a chord with your real possibilities activity and keep trying, it is the best way to make sport an activity that allows you to improve your health. We live in a hyper-tech world that makes shopping a sedentary lifestyle and poor time management, physical inactivity causes that are accentuated and, eventually, you pass bill.

Stay with this key: “Homeostasis”. The equilibrium. Esther Ontiveros as we pointed out in his “Living in the Pyramid”, a life and a healthy lifestyle playing on these three points is possible. Your diet, your exercise and your full attention, must be the key to have good habits to get to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

If you want you can. As I always say, you have to recognize that what is extraordinary in the everyday and the reins of your life you are carrying them. Do not let anyone lead and set a goal to cooperation rather than competition to be where life actually takes place, which is no other place than here and now.

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