Mindfulness Studies to Understand ITS origin, meaning and applications.

Mindfulness studies to understand its origin, meaning and applications.

Mindfulness studies to understand its origin, meaning and applications.


“Mindfulness”. Its origin, meaning and applications. And Jon Kabat-Zinn Mark G.Williams. Editorial Kairos


A great book on mindfulness or mindfulness of the hands of two great authors.

Within the vast literature on mindfulness or mindfulness have been published in recent times, I have no doubt after having read this compendium of studies mindfulness that I bring in this post, it is one of the best books to understand, as its subtitle indicates, the origin, meaning and applications of techniques that Jon Kabat-Zinn proposed in his two major works “the practice of mindfulness” and “Living full Catastrophe”.

If you are thinking of acquiring knowledge about mindfulness or mindfulness, my recommendation is that you have in your library these three important works. I’m sure that’ll take good game.

They are readings or highlighter and pen notebook and pen if you’re not of those who, like me, always read with pen in hand.

Not only do we have to stay with the practice of mindfulness as the realization of a new way of consciousness that brings us to our own freedom, but we must pay attention to all your applications or at least know them, like mindfulness studies on medicine, psychology, neurosciences, health care, education, leadership or business.

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It may seem in principle that the practice of mindfulness or mindfulness was the panacea for all ills of the world. Nothing is further from reality. For me, what show these mindfulness studies contained in this book is that it is possible a new way of meeting with us and our reality from a new perspective that puts the presence in the here and now at the right place we opens new avenues of knowledge and liberation.

The perusal of these mindfulness studies, you go Seeing as pain, sadness, apathy, fatigue, but also the joy, comfort, well-being, our goals and fulfillment of the vital objectives we are neither eternal or constants. What does help us knowledge of these techniques that spill into these mindfulness studies, it is teaching a new staff position with respect to our reality.

It is from here and now where we can work consciously within ourselves; slowly but steadily. At the end of the day, today is the beginning of the rest of your life.

These studies mindfulness that I recommend, you will open to knowledge of international experts of both Buddhism and scientific research.

A copy book that you read items Jon Kabat-Zin own and Mark Wiliams, but also Saki Santorelli, Zindel Segal, Sharon Salzberg or Paul Grossman among others.

A must to discover the origin, meaning and application of techniques and a way of living that revolutionize the lives of who makes his way book.

Nothing will change … or not … Just depends on you !!

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