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Boyko School

Founder: Victor Boyko

Victor Boyko proven that yoga practice is necessary to comply with the principles set out in its original source – ” Yoga -sutrah” Patanjali : stillness, comfort, relaxation and creating conditions for “stop thinking activity” and – the base – do no harm: the absence of negative feelings as during the occupation and after it.

The main feature of the yoga school Victor Boyko is the individual approach to every student. During practice, each engaged in a personal program, which is tailored to his size, health status and age. The program is constantly adjusted. Group training takes place at a small number of practitioners (8-12) that the instructor was able to adjust and guide each student. Asanas school Victor Boyko practiced in static soft style. Each pose is carefully rebuilt. Much attention is paid to the relaxation techniques, through which the main therapeutic effect is achieved. Regular practice of the method of Victor Boyko energizes and gives a rapid therapeutic effect, because it is in each case adapted to the specific characteristics of each student.

Who can practice yoga as described in Victor Boyko : The practice is accessible to people of all ages and health status, and gives real results in improving health. It is recommended to deal with those who have some health problems. The practice of yoga by this method is also suitable for people who seek harmony and inner balance, to those willing to look for a cause of their problems and deal with them through “suppression”, but rather, with the help of relaxation, having formed at the same time a conscious attitude to life . Practice may not be suitable for lovers of tough dynamic yoga.

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