Personal development books for the new time.

Personal development books for the new time

These personal development books that have been a discovery for me, I now share with you. I hope you sena as useful as they have been for me.


Plenacción is also a place to share all that we can be useful as human beings to make our lives a journey in which we feel useful and dynamic to face the challenges life presents all. So I want to show you some good personal development books that can mean a good adventure. I assure you that you will learn a lot.


You see, at first seem to have nothing to do with what we call “mindfulness” or “mindfulness” but as I do not like to be orthodox with anything, I thought to share that with which I have enjoyed and learned these personal development books, also has a lot of help from the here and now.

When I started the adventure of Plenacción, many of these books were very useful to me. Others have been as I have been reading and I keep taking them good ideas to share and continue to grow.

That’s what it is is not it ?.

These are now new times and new ways are needed. Do you want to make the leap ?. Well here’s some good personal development books that you discover that there are other interesting ways of doing things and meeting new positioning in a world constantly changing and evolving.

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This is my personal list of the 10 essential books for personal development for the new time.


1. “Are you essential?” Seth Godin. How to redirect your career and enjoy an extraordinary future



2. “The art of captivating”. Guy Kawasaki. How the hearts, minds and actions changed



3. “Less is more”. Francine Jay. How to sort, organize and simplify your life and your caa



4. “Entrepreneurship your personal brand” Nuria Costa. And self-marketing techniques to create your own brand



5. “It depends on you”. Ignacio Álvarez de Mon. Direct your life and set a course towards efficiency in personal and professional level



6. “TED Method to speak in public.” Jeremey Donovan. The secrets of the coinferencias who succeed worldwide.



7. “Never eat alone.” Keith Ferrazzi and Tahl Raz. Networking to optimize your professional relationships.



8. “The art of presenting” Gonzalo Álvarez Marañón. How to plan, structure, design and display presentations


9. “Knowmads. Workers of the future “Raquel Roca. Awareness and action plan to reset your life, your ideas and customs.



10. “Make your passion your greatest benefit.” Andy Harrington. How to monetize what you like and what you know.



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