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Asanas of Yoga – Kind of figure – Positions of lying – Supta Padangushthasana

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What do you know about isha yoga? 1

What do you know about isha yoga?

The Isha Yoga is a discipline whose main objective is holistic practice.┬áThis is because it binds the cleric while performing the asanas, the physical.┬áThis discipline, not yet known, is designed to help with self-discovery. Isha Upanishad Yoga DVD is very useful to do yoga and it is well explained about Isha Yoga. And On the […]

Yoga during menopause

Physical health of women during menopause depends on the smooth functioning of her endocrine glands. In spite of the extensive coverage in the media issues of hormone replacement therapy, it is easy to miss the fact that if all our hormonal gland functioning properly, in most cases, they never would and never ceased to produce […]

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