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Asanas of Yoga – Kind of figure – Standing poses – Parvritta Parsvakonasana

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Strengthen immunity with yoga

Autumn came, and most of us remember that such a runny nose, cough, sore throat, acute respiratory viral infection. Despite the fact that in the autumn we consume far more vitamins than any other time of the year, our body does not always cope with viral infections. Undertreated respiratory disease gradually weakens our immune system. […]

What does meditation do to your brain/mind? 2

What does meditation do to your brain/mind?

What meditation does to your brain If you have acquired the habit of meditating, surely you can talk about the multiple benefits that this habit has brought to your life on a physical, mental, emotional and even perhaps spiritual level.¬†However, until recently there were only testimonies from those who practice meditation to verify that it […]

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