5 tips for returning to work after a vacation

5 Tips to return to work after vacation.

5 Tips to return to work after vacation.

It seemed there would come, but yes. Here you are again, ready to start back to work after vacation. Annual period in which it is given that modernity has called “post-holiday stress” and that is normal when returning to the routine. The main problem is to analyze why you do not like that routine. What’s behind?

I give the warmest welcome to the new post-holiday time and I intend to show in this post 5 Tips to return to work after the holidays. In the event that at the moment you find yourself unemployed (I never like to say stop, because it only stands when that happens, you know what I mean happens), you should also consider a return to work, since the end after all, resume the habit of life to find work activity, you can also consider work.

  1. Discover your small challenges. First of all before you jump right into the tide back to work after vacation, you ask yourself what you want to do this year. Take time to let go and desire from the present moment, you are looking for , you want to learn, you have challenges for the new stage. It is important to create a gentle routine that binds us to the natural rhythm of life.
  2. Learn how to organize your time . During rest periods, times change and we get carried away by the rhythm of the hours without caring much other past rigidities. What is clear is that the day gives you 24 hours, of which at least 7 of spend sleeping, another 8 minimum working, subtracts other for food, grooming and small obligations … and you will be others who must learn to arranged to extract a good game.
  3. Learn to manage stress and automation . Stress makes the time go faster, just like the position of “autopilot” that makes you scroll through all day without paying attention to what you do, feel and live every moment. Find time for some relaxing activity, plantearte new changes, lower stress levels and learn to “realize” what you live and how you live, it can be a good tool for the serenity that will be more aware of the here and now . The practice of mindfulness or mindfulness is a good resource for this.
  4. Aim changes in your diet and your physical activity . I usually put on the table always the same question: “If you are not made gasoline in poor or poor quality oil or bleach your car in the tank, why we are stubbornly put him to feed our poor body ?. I encourage you, for a week, make a list of everything you eat throughout the day and then sumes all the calories. If you add that you do not do any physical activity, the result of the formula may be being very dangerous. Looking ahead to this new time, Aim a good relationship with food (I recommend this book) and set yourself a few hours a week if only to walk an hour. Your mind and your body will thank you.
  5. Treat yourself to change . If the return of a holiday period to normal, it makes you very uphill, as you must ask yourself the life you lead is not what you thought for you and you’ve loaded with more stones than you needed. Perhaps when initiating radical changes in your life has arrived. You have to be clear that life is passing while you’re in this constant mental rumination journey between the past and the future and was not even there. I propose, kindly, from the serenity, you go thinking that’s why you do not like about your routines and have clear that, with effort and dedication, you can change it . Yes, establish changes mean, in the present moment, without resigning to accept what we have now and live, because only then we will have enough strength to, from the here and now, to change life we want. I assure you it is not easy but not impossible. It’s your life and you are the boss in it. Do you fancy the challenge?
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