Overcoming fear is possible. Here are the basic techniques

Overcome fear.  Doing so is critical to live in peace

Overcoming fear is the main goal that shows us this useful book by Susan Jeffers , which has become over time one of those good Best Sellers personal development.


Learning to live and overcome fear out of our comfort zones, it is the best action we can do to live in peace in an era of turbulence like the one we live. It was of great opportunities, provided that let the vanquished and subdued fear. What if; It can.


To conquer fear you need to take action. And that, this book is full of good recipes.

“Although be afraid do the same,” Susan Jeffers Publisher Swing

It is clear that without overcoming fear, nothing can change. This is one of the basic ideas of the book of Susan.

Gripped by a way of living plunged into unconsciousness, walking through life letting our mind traveling constantly from past to future without settling at the present moment (the only valid place for your personal development) as this is the place to dwell in actually, you can not advance anything you set your mind to.

If you decide to turn off the autopilot and return to the here and now in which you live, no doubt things will go much better. Especially since it is one of the best ways to overcome the fear that grips us and that, throughout the book I present here, you will find many ideas that are going to serve.

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Let me tell you that reading this book and the practice of mindfulness or mindfulness (I invite you to discover PROGRAM 40 programs Plenacción), will be very useful in overcoming the fear that is embedded in as in you, to give speaker to that inner voice that continues to tell you what you want to do is simply impossible.

Overcome fear

Overcoming fear to travel instantly present.

I’m sure that once, throughout your life, you felt dominated and dominated by that inner voice that is trying to prevent may overcome the fears that paralyze you and becomes “reventadora” of many of the projects, ideas, adventures and utopias that you want to launch. Well, in “Although be afraid do the same , you will find simple, enjoyable and practical techniques to overcome fear and act more freely in a world constantly changing as we inhabit.

“Whoever wants to be and live the life the way you really want to live”. This is the big bet that makes Susan Jeffers through very dynamic techniques to turn fear, indecision and anger into power, action and love.

It is a book that I discovered years ago when after a hard blow to the field of labor, I saw doomed me to reinvent myself and leave the dangerous cycle of inaction. And to me it served me well, I want to share it with you now.

If you want to delve on the task of overcoming fear and without it, I recommend also that complementes with two authentic manuals out of a personal crisis, which are the books of David D. Burns to those already made you reference in this another article of our Bibliomind, and you can find on this link: “anxiety Remedies”

Ultimately, you have to accept to live without fear is possible and not why you become a perfect or perfect irresponsible , and to overcome fear is a big job but possible.

The problem, as I mentioned, is that if you let your life be piloted in automatic mode, you will find every day, locked in the danger zone of comfort, before which you have no choice to face if you want to advance and there is stay stagnant or stagnant.

Overcoming fear, in 12 chapters and 200 pages are read with pen and notebook to get all the juice to a good set of ideas that undoubtedly will make your life what you want it to be.

As I always like to say, take the opportunity to “realize” that “the extraordinary lies in everyday things and that the reins of your life you have. It’s up to you.

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