Emotional balance. How to reach it Healthy life and IV

Emotional balance, how to achieve here and now.  healthy living and IV

Emotional balance, does it sound good, right ?. Yeah, but the problem is in reach and work to maintain it. I leave some keys will serve you


Tips and ideas to achieve emotional balance here and now.


And, as it can not be otherwise, emotional balance is brewing in the here and now exists only in the here and now. Present instant by instant present. Or did you think there was another place to go ?.

If there is to offer a definition of what the emotional balance , it should be noted that are appropriate to the environment in which we live emotional responses . So of course, but also that complicated.

Subject to all sources of distortions, changes, accelerations, distortions and “thieves of time” , we make our lives, which runs in the here and now, is never where it should be and all our attention be scattered in a thousand places , which results in poor health and, of course, a terrible emotional balance.

Among other things because we spent the day reacting rather than responding .

In the workshop introduction to mindfulness you do when you subscribe to Plenacción (if you are not signed or signed, I invite you to do as you finish reading this post), I show you a picture that is very simple to understand what happens when take charge of your life and realize that the real owner of your life is not your thinking, but I observing that thought.

emotional balance

emotional balance is to master the reins of your life, but those reins leads the deep


When you start working on that emotional balance you are looking for , the first thing you can do is start with some practical help you find serenity. I recommend mindfulness , no doubt.

Emotional balance that determines you are all day in an equilibrium situation in which there are not many points or high or low voltage and acceleration or deceleration.

What clues you can start working to get your emotional balance ?. In this post I’m going to invite you begin to discover 10. A number for emotional balance begins to appear in your everyday life .

Keys emotional balance in 10 ideas


1. Practice mindfulness or mindfulness.

I assure you will not regret. From Plenacción I can help you implement mindfulness in your day to find that emotional balance you need.


2. Get out of your comfort zone.

Losing fear is an important part of your new life. Stay in the comfort zone where you think you’re protected or protected, it is not to lock you enjoy the huge abundances that the world has. If you do not believe, I encourage you to read the book of Sergio Fernandez that surely will surprise you : ” To live abundantly”


3. Practice some kind of sport.

Yes, moderate it. Walking is good and also when you enjoy the practice of mindfulness, the simple task of walking aware, can be an immense pleasure in each of your travels. Mindfulness and sport

4. Be kind and do not judge.

Yes, very complicated. Not so much to be nice, but what not to judge, because we spent too much time with an eye to where we should not, judging everything around us. And if you ordain a childish look at all ?. Actually, you can get to see things simply as they are.

5. Aliméntate not devour.

A good emotional balance becomes evident when we relate to food. Eating disorders often become serious emotional processes. Under normal conditions, you can learn to better relate to your feeding process. Eat, breathe or drink as necessary, but finding your emotional balance, it is important to “realize” what you eat, how you eat, when you eat and why you eat. If you want to learn how to eat, let me recommend this reading: “Eat attentive” and “mindful eating”

6. Smile.

Yes, that simple. It is simple but effective. To bad weather, good face. Imagine that, really, it ‘s true what they present us with documentaries like “What do you know?” , “What do you know 2?” And the book “The Divine Matrix” I recommend strongly. And if you can create your reality ?. It is the power of attraction is not it ?.

7. Accept what not up to you to change and change what depends on you.

Speaking of emotional balance, you have to consider that many emotional imbalances which we live, often respond to the dynamics of fighting “wall” you know it’s impossible to move, but you’re giving of butting her when smart is a calm atmosphere, “realize” that with that wall, there is a window or a door to find new ways out of the problem. Perfection does not exist and you live in a continuous interdependence with everything around you. The day you start to accept this maxim, I assure you that your life will begin to shift.

8. Walk the middle path.

This may seem like a ’boutade “when talking about emotional balance, but be clear that talking about balance, of course, the way is to sustain that balance in the middle side of things. Do not you think ?. Therefore, everything in excess is bad … very bad. You can apply it to everything. It is management awareness and focus of your freedom, you will teach where is the key. That’s why meditation is so important

9. Accept the inevitable.

Yes, sorry to be a spoilsport, but if you do not, you’ll die. “Hala Brutus”, you say, but it is actually much better than what you have this. Not that you’re running around all day, but when it comes to finding emotional balance, is good “realize” always the transience of things. Nothing remains and everything changes and every one of us and we, we are not less.

Perception and the fact of the end, is an incentive to proceed to relativize things. In this respect there is a good book that I recommend is titled “If I only had one hour to live” Roger-Pol Droit of

10. Mind-body that everyone does not go by.

To establish a good emotional balance, is also good “realize” that you may seem a platitude, but not everyone is clear.

Remember only the body when it hurts, or attend to your emotional states only when they cry out in pain, it is not correct to meet the necessary emotional balance when it comes to live in peace and get the road “mindfulness glasses.”

Everything that happens in your mind, has an impact on your body and everything that happens to your body ends up having an impact on your mind. And at that point you’re balancing. The essential self that remains unchanged. The practice of mindfulness shows you how to settle in that way.

These 10 ideas to achieve and sustain a good “emotional balance” are a recipe , of course, expandable to many more tools you have at your disposal, but often we refuse to see.

Here and now, remember this forever. It is the moment when you realize that life is that which runs, as John Lennon said, while you’re traveling and jumping between past that was and the future has not yet arrived.

I invite you to put “the mindfulness glasses” with the simple life; a good treatment for emotional balance that we all need. Enraízate in the here and now. That’s the key.



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