Wise women talking about life.  Dialogues vital wisdom

Wise women. Fina Sanz, the author of this splendid book that I would document the dialogues meets a group of women held in long conversation where we talk about everything.

I do not care you’re male or female. Anyway, you should not miss listening to wise women talking about life.


“Dialogues wise women” Fina Sanz. Editorial Kairos

Fina Sanz, psychologist, sexologist and educator and director of the Therapy Institute Reencuentro, author of several booksamong which you wantemphasize “Men With Heart” and “The Photobiography” , brings together in this interesting volume, to 13 women who have overcome barrier 45 years and become, without perhaps they know in real wise women talking about the divine and the human , and that is an excellent mosaic of vital realities, sensibilities, successes, frustrations, adventures and misadventures, exquisitely dialogued in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

Had ordered the two books, but I started by men ( “Men with heart. Speaking in the second half of life”) because I came before, but the first experience carried out Fina Sanz in such dialogues, is that of the wise women who will now recommend.

With a foreword by Leonor María Cantera, preface to Selma González and presentation by Fina Sanz, open discussions in this group of wise women, are gathered around several themes: physical, emotional changes, sexuality, spirituality, social life and final chapter a reflection mode.

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It is a reading full of sensitivity, where each of these wise women, are exposing their experiences on each of the topics proposed by the author, openly, brave and determined.

There is not limits on expression, or prohibitions, or indirect ways to tell you something.

This group of wise women feel in the comfort of being able to express what her life from age 45, when many changes that are occurring both physically and emotionally.

An indispensable book if you’ve gone through this kind of border that mean 45, 50 years. Whether you have to travesado or not.

Make interesting reading both volumes because “Dialogues wise women” and “men with heart” at the end come to talk about the same; life that runs through those mythical 50.

wise women

Wise women and men with heart. Two essential readings

It is curious to go see similarities between one group and another, and feel that in the space of vitality and feelings, there are common positions which are not overtly expressed in a dialogue between men and women, probably because of the huge educational gap in certain generations They produced.

That is why it would be interesting Fina Sanz third book would raise dialogue to put a group of wise women with a group of wise men.

Both women and men who appear in each of these two books, frankly, are an example of emotional freedom, openness of heart and ability to know and feel that life is there throbbing despite misadventures and problems.

Honestly, if I were you, I did not think anymore and I filled dialogues wise women with this successful volume of Fina Sanz.

Above all, always the word.

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