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Universal Yoga

Founder: Andrey Lappa

Universal yoga is a style of yoga, which brought together various techniques and knowledge accumulated over a long time the existence of this ancient system of human development. Universal Yoga does not contradict any of the existing directions of yoga today. This style is not bound by the rigid framework and limitations. It contains an infinite number of variations and encourages individual creativity of its followers.

This style of yoga is based on a thorough knowledge of the human body structure and the general laws of the transformation of the structure. The style is based on the knowledge of koshas so-called shells and human souls. According to the traditional view of Yoga, the human being consists of 5 layers: physical, energetic, mental, mental, causal. The purpose of yoga is to achieve Universal harmony and balance between these shells, as well as between man and the environment. The practice of yoga allows you to work out all these shells, to bring them into balance, it is essential – both for health and for the internal development of the body.

Universal Yoga is very diverse. It includes:

  • reversals in space,
  • order to develop strength and flexibility,
  • practice with a partner,
  • pranayama
  • work with mantras,
  • visualization.


One of the peculiarities of style – a lot of asanas hand. This makes it possible to work well not only the legs and back, but also my hands. A arms, as is known, a large amount of concentrated energy points (marmas). Asanas for hands – a kind of acupuncture massage for the entire body.

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Who can practice universal yoga : Yoga itself the name speaks for itself – the universal yoga fits all.


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