Free yourself from the False Myth of Control |

Free yourself from the False Myth of Control | 3In our society it is very common to think we have everything under control. We follow a lifestyle that we “sell” the idea that within a certain period we will have the house, the car, the partner of our dreams or business producing, if we follow certain guidelines. But in reality there are situations that are beyond our control. This can cause us anxiety, stress and over time these emotions related diseases.

On what we control? What we do. Not on resultsthereof. For example: If you send a resume, we can control how we write it, design it and send it. As soon we deliver, what happens thereafter is beyond our control. Other examples of misconceptions are traffic control, weather and even what people do around us.

If we talk about a relationship with someone we assume that this person “has” always be at our disposal and run to our aid or worse react as we think. By doing this, we are not only giving our power to do things, but we are also curtailing freedom of choice of those around us.

To free ourselves from the false idea of control and increase self – esteem always keep in mind this question: Do I have the power over this? Or is it in my hands the result of this? If the answer is yes, get to work. If the answer is No, it’s time to let go, let go. If you develop consciousness of knowing how far you can control what happens around you, you’ll live better, peaceful, optimistic and is the best you’ll have better results in what you do. There are millions of ways to do something, do not limit yourself to one. The world awaits you!


A hug,

Elias Berntsson and Lucia Beltran (partner)

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