10 Attitude Adjustments That Can Give You Lasting Happiness

10 Adjustments Attitude can give you Lasting Happiness

Tell someone who feels sad to be encouraged because others are worse than he is like telling someone happy that sadden because other people are happier. Our feelings are important, and owning them can help us feel more motivated and settled.

But focus your efforts on trying to make everyone happy around you, it will not make you fit better in your own life, and can also prevent accessing a lasting happiness. That’s why many of us go around trying to do more, to fill the inner emptiness we feel.

Shannon Kaiser, author of best selling book on happiness, spent the last years trying to encourage and raise everyone else, to build a society based on making others happy, but could not herself. He worked so hard for others to feel joy, who lost his own identity, his “I” is fading.

Once started putting their needs ahead first, everything changed. He got an offer from a publisher, lost her overweight, her business grew and moved to his favorite place, Hawaii.

The reality is that we can not save or change anybody, happiness depends on you and only you. If there is anything in your life so that you’re not happy, you have the power to change, or change your thoughts about it . The truth is that, the more we are loyal to our limitations, our happiness will never overflow our glasses.

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Many of us are so used to try to be happy when we lose sight arrives. If we stopped trying to be happy, we could access the happiness that is within us. We could see that we are happy by nature, and that’s part of the experience of living life fully.

I asked myself the following questions, which transformed my life. Shannon also says he finds peace at all times, and you really feel the happiness in your life by asking yourself these questions:

What are you willing to let go?

What’s in your life that no longer serves you?

What patterns and habits of thought you keep falling?

Let them go! the moment has come.

Do you realize all the awesome things you do? Be proud / a how far you’ve come, because you’re doing an amazing job.

If you feel difficulty accepting your genius, and owning your happiness, here are 10 concepts in the book of Shannon, Find Your Happy, that can help:

1. Happiness lives in you.

2. Live by choice not by chance.

3. Create changes, not excuses.

4. Be kind to yourself, doing a phenomenal job.

5. Have reasons or results.

6. Stop fit into society and be yourself, your difference is your greatest asset.

7. Talk to yourself as if you are your own best friend, because you’re “cool” when you get to meet you.

8. Whatever you think of yourself within you, will reflected in your outer, focus on quality have thoughts.

9. Instead of hating yourself for what you are not, start loving yourself for what you are.

10. You have gone too far, be proud of yourself. It’s good to feel that love.

A hug,

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Elias Berntsson

(Source: Shannon Kaiser – www.mindbodygreen.com)

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