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Sri Sri Yoga

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

The great yogi Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has offered the world a new understanding of yoga, which should be practiced with a pure heart and a peaceful state of mind.
He argues that these qualities are inherent in every human being by nature. Sri Sri Yoga classes complement other practices and are not contrary to any convictions. This modern
yoga , which takes into account the complexity and tensions of modern life.

Style Sri Sri Yoga is a system that allows the body to achieve unity, mind and spirit through the conscious practice of postures, breathing techniques and meditation.
Asana practice consists of performing both soft and strength training, forced practitioners to return attention to the present and to put in order their thoughts. One of the most effective techniques proposed by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar – is Sudarshan
Kriya , which is a special way of rhythmic breathing, helps to improve the emotional, mental and physical condition of the person.

Sri Sri Yoga Training is divided into two main stages – basic and advanced.
The basic course focuses on the words of the founder of life. All that man learns in the course of practice is designed to help him in the future to manage their emotions, thoughts and actions. At this stage, we study the breathing techniques, postures and basics of everyday behavior, that allow to become happy “here and now”. Advanced course is aimed at managing the life force that is present in all people. The practitioner learns to cope with stress and negative emotions, to remain in silence.

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In the classroom Sri Sri Yoga study simple and effective exercises to relieve stress and start healing mechanism in the body, breathing techniques and practice relaxation.
The practitioner learns to combine breathing, attention and action. In addition, instructors conduct conversations with students about nutrition, health, the fundamental laws that govern all things in this world.

Regular practice of yoga Sri Sri eliminates physical ailments, makes the body more plastic, eliminates the excess weight, migraines, high blood pressure, strengthens the internal organs, improves digestion and blood circulation, creates good posture.
It helps a person to become a happy, healthy and relaxed.

Who can practice yoga Sri Sri: This style is suited to every person, regardless of his physical fitness, age and religious beliefs. It does not contradict any spiritual beliefs, adapted for impaired people and is an excellent choice for the modern man with his exhausting rhythm of life.


Sri Sri Yoga.

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